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How come I can't access the political crap thread ?

Edit: must've been operator error... damn new phone...
Ya I can't access anymore either. I get notices but cannot get in.
Hey Snappy, I read all of your posts on FG. I would be honored to have you as a friend. Do you still have the 60% Extra.

Thanks for the friend request. I really like the site - it's rapidly becoming my favorite place to hang out now.
Where do you have the CG on your GW Yak 55m 50cc? The manual (lol) say 6.33 inches aft of the leading edge but this seems awfully forward of the wing tube. thoughts please.
Morning Richard.
Phil Griffin here. I've spoken with u about your profiles, and would be interested in getting the latest info on availability. When will the 50cc short kits be back in stock, and what did u tell me the price was?
Also, I think maybe you said I could get the remainder of what I need from Balsa USA?