XFC racing for 2010


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I have been waiting for this and today is practice for the event. I picked this video from FG. They are covering the event. I was hoping for something lets say quicker but its the first time event. Sure mimics the full scale pretty good.



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check the you tube site. The qualifying run Jason Noll just made looked a ton better. way lower and much faster. His two full rolls out of the 270 right hander are low and fast.. I'm thinking the 50cc birds may be a little quicker. Have to wait for official timing.


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Looks fun to me- but I gotta say it's got to have like a 50' ceiling on the course (loops and half cubans excepted) or it just looks slow. Teri Hahn was looking good and low!

I've always wanted a 50cc bird- one of those little edges Jason Noll was flying would fit the bill nicely.