WWW III / Circus 3-D Throw Down


Circle Hucker
here is some hotel information

Holiday Inn Express
350 Smoketree drive
El Centro, CA. 92243

I-8 to 4th street exit in El Centro. Take 4th street North. Take first right (east) onto Smoketree Drive....Hotel is on the left half block down....
Rooms have been cut from $118.99 to $95.99, Code for the discount is
Woody's Wild Wings. There is also a motel 6 across the street from this hotel. The Holiday Inn Express has Contenital Breakfast, Computor Room, Pool and spa, exercise room. The hotel 6 has a vending machine. Both these are located close to fast food, gas and restuarants, also Kings house.


wdnt want 2b circus staff
Friday night Town Pump. Saturday night Band and a wind down campfire. An no friggin BORAT, Neal.


Circle Hucker
Posti...bring that sound systemof yours just in case JB donsen;'t get hooked up with his bosses.....


Circus Staff
This is promising to be a great weekend! We'll be up there Thursday night, King. You guys gonna be there to let us all in?

I wonder if it's gonna be hot or cold... hmmmm... better bring lots of blankets just in case!


Circle Hucker
The gates will open on your cammand Princess......what's up with that question...you know you have the power.....been cooling off last two weeks...they say no mor triple digets........night are in the upper 60's right now by event low 60's to upper 50's i predict with no authority to do so.lllolooolollololololo.....PM at you princes...


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Let's hope for highs in the 70's and no wind... It's a great time of year for this, hope the weather cooperates! I can't wait, have not been to an event in a while, and my QQ86 has not flown for 4-5 months! I am SO ready.


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Movie request: How about Ironman or Batman or Indiana Jones?
I really hope to make it this year to WWW!


Circus Staff
My vote is for Iron Man. I haven't seen that one yet.

Good suggestions Airbike!

King.... gotcha! Thanks for the weather report.