WWRC Sale on Factory Refurb Cellpro 4S Chargers


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Hey Richard, Do you stock the 10s? May pick up another one in the near future and would rather buy one from WW instead of having one shipped from Singapore again.


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Got word today from Cellpro manufacturer.

I have another two dozen on the way at the end of this week.

Here it is again...

Cellpro 4S Factory Refurbished charger with 6 month factory warranty.

These look like new, have factory battery clamps that are soldered on so if you want to use your home power supply you will need to solder on some 4mm bullet connectors.

I pay to ship them in USA as stand alone order.

One 4S Refurb/ w shipping $39.99

Two 4S Refurb/ w shipping $73.99

I should be able to start shipping by next wednesday...

Also available, Cellpro 4 S balance board. They make two of them. Either is $9, one does Great Planes/Kokhm (this is the one with JST for chinese batteries) The second balance board does Thunderpower or Polyquest batteries.

See what each can do here. Revolectrix

Let me know early if you want one or two of these chargers...I believe this is the end of what I can get from them.......


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Ok Guys,

I have the last few of these Cellpro 4S Factory refurbs inbound as we speak. They will be here ready to ship out to those who have been waiting and will ship on Monday.

The manager at FMA has pretty much told me that this is it. So, again... a great little charger see my last post for details....make a great present for yourself for the holidays.

After this I will continue to carry the New Multi 4 and will also add on the Cellpro 4 Gold.... both of which are also great chargers with a little more need to dig in the wallet...


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Update, those that pm'd me or called and ordered, your chargers are already on the way.

There are still some available... get them before they are history.

I already stock the Cellpro Multi 4 charger at $63.99 plus shipping...I am playing with the Cellpro 4S Gold as we speak... I will be stocking them, when this 4S Shipment is gone but they are MSR at $59 plus shipping so the Cellpro 4S Factory Refurbs with 6 month FACTORY warranty is a value

at $39.99 with shipping

In the below vid we have two of them charging two batteries at once hooked up to the same receiver. The common ground issue goes away when you use two power sources.

My new 13.2v -3300 LIFE battery packs weigh about 3/4 of a pound (I stick mine in my pocket when putting all my stuff out on the flight line) and runs the 4S like a champ. They are on intro price for $59.99 and until January 15 I throw in a Deans Male to 4mm bullet connector (as seen in the vid) for free. These will be listed on the site right after for $6.39

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoICrWpccg0]WWRC tests two chargers on a receiver with dual batteries - YouTube[/ame]


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Got a question , I keep getting a safety code 17 on one of my chargers . Everytime it starts to charge i get this code . The last time i used it , like a dumb azz unhooked it from my deepcycle battery before i unhooked it from my A123 . The battery clips bumped together and made a spark and the charger started beeping . Do i need to trash it and get a new one ?


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Look up the safety code here.


If it is the charger acting up it should be covered by the warranty. Their customer support is excellent. Your results may vary, but I have sent back a charger that was not under warranty expecting to pay to have it repaired and they hooked me up.

Make sure you try it on a different battery, as many different variables as you can to insure that the problem is indeed, with the charger.

Give me a call if I can help you in any way.