WWRC A123 4S1P-3600 Field Packs


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Finally found a way to get them laser welded with threaded posts. Now making the 13.2v field packs to run your starter or charger (glow/gas engines) at the field.


Nano Tech A123 Systems Genuine Cells

4S1P-3600 capacity

Cycle life at 100% capacity 4000 to 5000 cycles

Charge at 5c (18 amps max) (through main power lead)
Normal Charge 3c (10.8 amps).

Max Discharge 60 amps. This is limited by the recommended
max amperage of the Deans Ultra plug. Max discharge of the cells is 30c

Balance tap, Cellpro 4, Cellpro 10 or JST-XH

Main power line 14ga 650 strand Silicone wire

Power Plug Genuine Deans Ultra or EC3

Typical Internal Impedance 2.4 milli-ohms

Pack Weight 33 oz

They will go up on the site at $119.99 full price with an introductory price of $109.99 plus $2.90 shipping insurance (we pay raw shipping cost)



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Photo compared to an A123 2S1P-2300 pack for size.

Pick one up at an event (next up Huck O Ween) and when pre ordered I can deliver and save you $10 on whatever the current price is. The introductory price will last till the end of October.