WWRC 20cc Sbach


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KWJ were you at Nasbro last year? I brought a bunch of 17x6 props from Falcon wood, to Xoar Wood and Xoar Laminated and then the Falcon Carbon 17x6, 17x6.5 and 17x7.

We only had about 5 guys com try with their DLE20s but the favorite was the 17x6 Carbon.

Here is what we got on Clark Gallaher's 20cc that was through about a gallon of fuel.

Xoar 17x6 8580

(all carbon below)
Falcon 17x6 9060
Falcon 17x6.5 8850
Falcon 17x7 8640

Again side by side on the same day the guys liked the 17x6 for its spool up and top end but by no means did they dislike the 6.5 or 7 pitch.

Revvy, I am glad that you like yours.

One more thing, a couple of the pilots also mentioned that they thought the props were great but not great enough to warrant the $48 price when they can get the wood for $16 or so...


No I couldn't make it last year. Wish I could have though. Right now my 20 has roughly 2 1/2 gallons through it and has been bowmanized. I havn't tried the 17x6 Falcon cf yet but it seemed to run so good on the Xoar wood 17x6 I thought I would step up a little. So far I have no complaints on the 17x7. Maybe I'll get some tach numbers this year and a Falcon 17x6cf.