WWRC 20cc Sbach


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WWRC is pleased to announce the release of the Laminar Wing 20cc Sbach.

This airframe was developed to take advantage of the modern 20 to 23cc gas powered engines. With a 67 inch wingspan and 1450 square inches of wing area.

The anticipated ship date is May 25.

Features two fiberglass fuse tubes.... Carbon Fiber Wing Tube and carbon fiber wing tube receiver... CNC wing and fuse parts, all wood to build the airframe, build plans and Tetherite Giant Scale landing gear.

See more info here.


If you are on the list and have not been contacted this weekend, be sure to send me an email

[email protected]

and reserve your plane...

It is important to notice.... that this airframe is very large for a 20cc airframe. Depending on how you calculate it it is around 90% of the size of the WWRC 30cc LamYak.



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Looks good , maybe one day i will be caught up and can get one of these going .

When you gonna start ARF`ing these things ?


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We found the single tube fuse was not enough so we re-designed it for two tubes. Would pick up a couple of oz in the extra tube and wood, would loose a little in the carbon tube and other wood selection.

The proto came out to 8 lbs 7 oz with single A123-2300, otherwise, the profile muffler I use is 1 oz heavier than DLE.

We are targeting this plane to build in the 8.5 lb range and, a DLE-20 will pull it like the one in the vid below.

This is Colton flying the prototype.



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Cyber Monday sale. Limited availability.

We have just stocked the latest version of this kit. Perfect balance for DLE-20.

The WWRC-20cc is a proven design to take the rigors of hard 3D flight, can go for years (please miss Terra Firma to make it happen) ....Often imitated... never duplicated. ...This is a Wild Fred/WWRC Designed plane.

This kit now features a carbon fiber wing tube... and carbon fiber wing tube receiver... If you have ever seen the beautiful carbon tube/receiver work in the Krill models... you will see them here.

This kit does not come with hardware. We have a quality WWRC hardwae package that can be added..

To build this plane to ARF stage you will need glue, hardware, landing gear plus covering and a tail wheel.

Reg price for the kit only plus shipping is $219.99. Cyber Monday - $199.99 plus shipping (free WWRC T shirt [Sizes/availability] limitied)

This kit ships in one 6x6x48 boxes at 8 pound.

Sale can end without notice (Limited quantities).. You cannot order from the website but must contact us at WWRC. [email protected] or call 308.308.1481

Here is mine at the GTG in August... PHuck sticking it...


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How would you attach the battery? Plus a 5s or 6s would weigh alot!

You would have to decide on your weight/placement of the electric motor/prop/speed control/battery versus a DLE-20 and its associated hardware (ignition) and the fuel tank to see where to place your setup. That is the best part about building your own kit.

A DLE 20 with the ignition and associate mounting hardware (no prop) is nearly 30 ounces. An 11 oz fuel tank full of fuel can be 11 to 14 ounces (estimated).

Battery (s) for electric motor are usually mounted externally up front with the motor.

When building the kit, you can make an area that can have the battery (s) with a range of motion to gain your best CG without adding weight.

Builders usually mount the battery on velcro with a velcro strap around it (through the fuse) and this has worked well.




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Think a E-flight power 60/ 80a esc and 6s 5000 mah would fly this?
What prop? What RPM?

Remember that flying a plane is subjective. Do you want to make circles? Do you want to make loops? Do you want to 3D? Or how about 3D with authority? How about 3D with stoopid power?

The DLE 20 turns a 17x6....typically at around 8300 to 8700 rpm for most near sea level. This gives 3D with authority on this airframe as seen in the vid just posted...


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Its only swinging a 15x8 so prolly not enough gitty up in it. Cause im like most and want the stooopid power. Like hover at 1/4 throttle


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Honestly That video to me showed only adequate power...no where near over powered. He was at full power A LOT. Pull out was slow IMO. Could you move up to a 30cc on this platform?


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Something in the 2500 watt range… 550kV should pull 90-ish amps swinging a 16x8 and does pretty well on this airframe. Mine's getting an OS GT-22.


I've flown these airframes a lot recently. The LamYak60 with a Saito 100 flies just like what you saw in Richard's video. The WWRC 20cc LamBach flies that way with a DLE20, The WWRC 30cc LamYak flies the same on a DLE30, and the WWRC50cc LamSuk flies just like the others on a DA-50. In my case, the WWRC 50cc flies like an over-powered giant foamie or bloated marshmallow on 12S/5000/150kV/25x12.

I think what you're seeing as slow pullout I'm seeing as smooth, slow flight in general. Each airframe has plenty power with the recommended engine, but the laminar winged slabs DO fly very slow and smooth just by their nature and design.

If you want ballistic, high-energy type performance, look at the EE series that WrongWay is also distributing now. An EE60 on a DLE20 is a much looser, higher-energy bird compared to the WWRC20cc. Same with the EEv2 and the EE50cc when compared with the 30cc and 50cc WrongWay airframes.



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Fast forward in the vid to the 4:00 mark.. Pull out is not bad at all... Same plane.. same engine, different prop. When you are trying to move 1400 inches of wing around some maneuvers take time to react... but the good part is the plane is very stable and predictable when doing so.

At the Nashville "Nashbro" we tested several props on a couple of different airframes with DLE20... The Falcon 17x6 carbon prop picked up an average of 400 rpm over the Xoar 17x6.. It showed in the air so I guess if you want to reach out for more stoopid power you could spend the $48 and go for it.



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So I am testing the new MKS-1230' in the wings.. Like them alot.

Also put a Falcon 17x6.5 carbon and it seems to haul the mail better than the wood with 400 rpm over the JC SuperProp 17x6 that I took off of the plane. Spool up is more crisp. Of course at full throttle there seems to be more engine noise now but thats not an issue with me.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/PLF53mRUyCc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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I noticed the same difference from the Xoar. The Falcon definitely has a little more uhmff. :thumbsup:


I've been using the Falcon 17x7 CF prop and really liking it. I'm not sure of the rpms but it does seem to spin up quicker than my xoar 17x6