WrongWayRc 50 cc Laminar Profile


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Sweet.... and if you do lots of negative G maneuvers you may not have to wipe much smoke off your plane..


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A tiny vid of my slab with smoke on!

Loving this plane!


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Cyber Monday sale. Limited availability.

We have just stocked the latest version of this kit. Perfect balance for DLE-55 or DA-50.

The WWRC-50cc is a proven design to take the rigors of hard 3D flight, can go for years (please miss Terra Firma to make it happen) ....Often imitated... never duplicated.

Sale can end without notice (Limited quantities).. You cannot order from the website but must contact us at WWRC. [email protected]

This kit now features a carbon fiber wing tube... and carbon fiber wing tube receiver... If you have ever seen the beautiful carbon tube/receiver work in the Krill models... you will see them here. It saves an estimated 6 ounces over traditional aluminum and cardboard container (AKA TNT)

Recent upgrades allow the wing bolts to be more central to the hatch area for easier setup each day before flying.

Want to make yours a night flyer (my next one will be) we have cut a hole through all the ribs to route your wires to the wingtip more easily.

This kit comes with complete quality hardware. Dubro/WW Stainless capture ends. Carbon rods for control... WWRC custom phenolics for horns (will fly a 40% guaranteed), robarts... custom cut aluminum landing gear to allow many harrier landings-easily.

To build this plane to ARF stage you will need glue, covering and a tailwheel.

Reg price for full kit plus shipping is $449. Cyber Monday - $409.99 plus shipping (free WWRC T shirt [Sizes/availability] limitied)

This kit ships in two 6x6x48 boxes at 8 pounds each.

Sale can end without notice (Limited quantities).. You cannot order from the website but must contact us at WWRC. [email protected] or call 308.308.1481

My WW at Panama City... DLE-55- MKS Servos, A123
Power and Colton on the sticks...



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Wow, Richard! What did you do, hire some fancy big-city retail consultant?

You mentioned perfect balance with a Da50/DLE55. This one also works incredibly well on 12S/5000 too...

- Case