World Models 1/3 Clipped Wing Cub


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Corky! Put a good 3W 75-85 in it or if you want the go big and put the DA 85 in her.. 100 is just too much. Unless of course you talk to PLANEBENDER who has that exact plane with a DA 100 on floats and does tail dips with her all day long..


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I hope you get that ready for Hell Centro.....Talked with Cliffhanger and trying to get him to get his put back together and her will bring in on.....Cliff was going to talk to smoken Joe to see if he would come out with his......Joe you up to that?????????????Joe bring the wart hog to.....need to try a Jet Off El Centro


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So far, I think I'm leaning towards a new 3W 75ius with a pitts muffler. No firewall mods needed plus it will somewhat fit under the cowling. I just want to make sure it has enough power to float fly. I also liked the idea of having her jugs hanging out both sides.


umm...they can do that you know...with surgery...if that is what you is a bit weird but what do I know...I fly toy airplanes

Funny, Funny --- I thought they would come premounted on a class one airframe, and the airframe would be ready to slide into the cocpit.



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I HATE RCU! I have no idea as to what's going on and can't get a reply. I guess I'm going to assume that I jumped the gun on getting this engine so I'm back in the market for an engine. I'm also thinking that maybe I should just get a 100cc engine. I know it will be over powered but I would have an engine that would fly SOOOOOO many airframes. So as of now, I'm back to searching.......


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Well since you are on the internet just Google seach Jugs. I am sure you will find something to look at;)


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If you're not looking to hover it but just fly it around and still have unlimited vertical (I'm sure), I know somebody with a ZDZ60 for $350.00, which should fly it just fine. I would install that engine in my Super Cub if I were to keep it.


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Jens, hovering is what I do at the field all the time! I hover around BBP and then Painter and then on to Neal. When thirsty, I hover by our flying van (beer). If you mean with my Cub then no, I won't / can't hover it. I just want enough power to fly it with floats and have some nice vertical. SO, I'm back to the 3W 75IUS. Its got 7.5hp but only one jug....oh well, I'll get over that. Thanks for the offer though.
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Well, just got the call and it is official. My dad just purchased a DA 100 to power his cub. Now he just needs his floats and he is set