Wild Hare 87" Sukhoi


A couple weeks back I picked up a WH Sukhoi from Gmanbill, and in my desire not to have something that looks like everyone else's, the recovering began.. It is almost done, still need to paint the cowl, and another silver line is going down the side, but here is a look at a couple pics that I took with my phone. The scheme is taken from one of wayne handleys extras, and modified a bit.



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Damn brotha,
That looks totally sick, did you notice there are 2 positions for the rear stabs?
The one toward the wing makes it tumble like a champ, the other setting makes it precision like a Yak.


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Honest John likes it cause it has checkers on it...John invented checkers.....I like it to......Yellow kicks arse in the air.......


Yeah, my buddy has done a lions share of this bird.. I love the way the checkers turned out. He is pretty talented with the iron.


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Man that is one SWEEEEET looking plane, I love the angles checkers I bet it will present real good in the air.....