Who`s using a LiPo in their TX?


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I hope your luck holds with Spek. My experiences were not as rosy as yours.

I do the MAH thing too- I do 4 or 5 flights, then charge and see what I put back in. I flew 2 days in 3 weeks, about 13 10+ minute flights and I put about 1000mah back in. 1800 mah pack, so by that theory I could have done another 4 flights with a 20% reserve.


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I tend to put LiFe packs in my TX's but I have put in Lipo packs in a couple of the TX's though. I like the long run time between charges and the slow self discharge rate plus the quick field charging capability too.


That's MISTER idiot to you!
I've been using Rhino and Zippy 3S lipos in my XP9303 for years with zero issues (fully charged).
Just FYI, I've still been using Lipos in my transmitters (now just a DX7, haven't gotten around to switching my 11x) with no problems.


Hi Chad
I use 2000 mah NIMH Sanyo Eneloop batteries they have low discharge rate and are very good tx batteries.Bought them from Electro Dynamics out of Michigan.