What I think about TOM


He's alright:biggrin:

Now I'm gonna count how long it takes for him to see this,tick tock tick tock .......................

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Every one is allowed an opinion, and I appreciate the kind word. Let this ride for those to have their say, either way. Just keep it civil please.


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awww....civil......well pretty easy for me(most of the time) just dont catch me on a batch tasting day.
TOM, yer alright with me too.....even tho ya dont help on tasting day.:prrr:


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well i think he is a grumpy ole fart and opinionated and loves for people to think he is important,,hahahaahand that's what i like about him,,he is just like me


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What are you worried about? I got people wanting to cut my throat everyday just for the way I write, they don't know me or understand me. You're just doin your job around here the way you feel it needed to be done. Agree or not, no one can fault you for that.

We're a lot alike, as you know, so to fault you for being you would be akin to faulting myself in a lot of ways. So from that perspective, you suck! :biggrin: :prrr:


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I think TOM oughtta start posting videos or something :biggrin:

Maybe a pseudonym and write raves (or whatever the opposite of that is) about engines.


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With regards to the video...Hahaha.
T.O.M.....do you have one yet? If not, call now, and they will double your order! (Just pay separate processing and F'N handing) :prrr:
But, on days where he's not breaking up kiddie fights on the playground, he has a lot of good experience and knowledge to share.


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But, don't forget your cup anyways. :smash:

And he doesn't condone the use of the word ASSLOAD in too large of a font.

The video commercial featured an old fart from Boise.....I think I've seen that mofo in Fred Meyers once. :deadhorse:

Other than that, great to have him here.
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Have you ever sat on one of your nuts? I mean, really, you don't have to be old and super slung to do that. Even if you don't run commando it can happen and hurts like hell. I'm afraid I'm taking this down hill fast.......


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I think TOM is a good guy doing a tough job. His decisions won't always be popular but that's why it's lonely at the top. I'm glad he listens to the forum and reverses some of his decisions when he gets more information.

TOM, if you could work it into your schedule, make the trip to the Farm - like Jody, you'll find a lot of friends there. :thumbsup: