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There's a build thread I'm following on FG. Someone made the comment that DA is beginning to sell the DA 200 again.

I didn't know DA had stopped selling the DA 200 so I asked when did they stop selling it and if the problems were with the crank similar to what some people experienced with the DLE 222.

I got the following response:

"Well Ben, all I can tell you is if you haven't used the motors, haven't kept up with what's going on at DA then you really shouldn't even ask.

All motors fail and the good companies take care of their customers and fix the problems.

That's really all you need to know."

Some people...


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What a jerk-ass reply. I hope that a-hole feels better now. He did his superior dance and made himself look like a complete idiot.

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There's really not all that much you can't say here. Sometimes you have to think about how you say it, but not all that hard.

Yes, DA had crank issues too, and like the other company they stopped selling the engine until they came up with what they think will be a better the other company. With both of them time will tell if they got it right this time. Just to make sure it's in the open, 3w had a few issues too but not as many. That may be because fewer engines were sold due to the higher price point and have nothing to do with product superiority in this area.

Now ya'll know you have to play by the fan boy rules over there so don't go lighting off any fires.

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It is a fact of life, that all engines have some sort issue during their life. I find it rather amusing that all the fanboi's jump and defend that they dont have a problem. I dont post my issues with something, unless I cant finger it out. Mostly due to me overlooking the obvious. Lol!!


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Hey Ben, serves you right for posting on that crummy idiot infested site... What were you thinking???


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I won't deny the DA makes a good engine and there's nothing wrong with owning a DA. They also have great customer service. But I don't follow them like a love sick teenager and I seriously doubt that any company would come out directly and say there is a problem unless it was something life threatening.

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With what you said I figured you would step in something over there you didn't want on the carpet. There's still time over the next day or so for one of the "made" mods to trip over it and fling a point or three your way;)