wanting to purchase: Hanger 9 46% TOC ULTIMATE PLEASE CALL 619-961-8724 IF YOU H

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Thanks for the call. I think she's found a new home.

Sorry Yakken, I just couldn't ship one of these. The cost of building a suitable crate and the tab for shipping would be prohibitive. Plus I just don't trust any common carrier with big, mostly assembled airplanes. I lost a 35% Sukhoi to Grey Hound....


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I have one that has not been flown in several years....new unused fuse...JR8711 servos, new uncut cowl....DA-150, Powerbox....

If I take the engine and tail off it is definitely shippable via Greyhound in two or 3 boxes.

If interested, email me at:

[email protected]
401 996 3486


I have one as well. I am a bit busy with raising a family, so I haven't flown mine in years. It had a DA 150 and 8611 servos. Make an offer and pay for shipping from NorCal and it's yours.