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Oh, and this thread...now 14 pages and no sign......either have to yell louder, or, he don't give a f uck no more.


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OK, a story about something that really and truly happened late last year relative to the buffalo thing. Due to some nasty things that happened on or around 9/11 last year I was sent out to a marine location to handle some issues. Because of a long standing professional association I had with one of the members of the deck crew I found myself instantly accepted into "the herd". If any of you have a military history you know that no newbie is ever instantly granted team member status so that was quite an honor and extremely flattering, along with a demonstration of trust that would be impossible in most situations. The value I was bringing to the table had been established long before I got there. In more ways than I could have imagined I found out later. They did what I ask of them, every time, no questions asked.

All of the crew members were younger than me but one of them, for reasons still unknown, took an instant liking to me and we developed a very good friendship and working relationship. He was often present while I was plying my trade craft in order to learn new things. Being aboard a military vessel some of the banter got pretty rough at times, but was always absolutely friendly. That sets the stage of what follows.

So real early one morning me and the guy were verbally hammering each other back and forth over the top of an aircraft when a Chief Petty Officer walked up and asked if we might be related. I took a hard look at my partner, noted he was a bit shaggy in the hair department (civilian you see) and replied to the CPO; "Not possible, I never effed a buffalo". The CPO lost it and later walked away with tears in his eyes while my partner silently stood there in front of the CPO, dumbfounded, for about 2 minutes before saying; "That really sucks. There's absolutely nothing I can come up with to beat that." He tried for the better part of the next two weeks to come up with retaliation for that but never found a way.

I still owe that crew, and the full crew of two warships, many words of thanks for what they did and sacrificed to enable me to do the job. There are times when nothing in the world can beat the feeling I get from the work I've been able to do, and the honor of working with such wonderful people. Ed, if you ever see this you know who I'm talking about. Take good care my friend.

That activity was one of those great moments.
I like stories like that. Good stuff. They can make up somewhat for other visit's that just turn to complete sh!t. Keeps ya going at times.


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I have.....but forget which one is thickest, thinest.....that is why I looked it up, and my lady friends still don't believe me, when I tell them it is ACTUALLY a unit of measurement.


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