Was wondering if anyone is running one of these yet , just received mine and it looks pretty good . Almost finished my 1/3 Balsa USA Stearman and will be using this for the power . The engine calls for a 34-36x14 prop but was wondering if anyone has any first hand experiences with the engine . I had been looking at the Moki 250 but did not like the open rocker setup so I took a chance on the Valach .. any feedback would be great , cheers Roger




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Thanks so much , might as well add a couple more , I started on the graphics today . I wanted to do something a bit different so hope you like it . 100_3902.JPG 100_3903.JPG 100_3904.JPG 100_3905.JPG 100_3906.JPG
I will add a few shots of earlier in the build . this is the hinging of100_3824.JPG 100_3826.JPG 100_3828.JPG 100_3829.JPG 100_3830.JPG 100_3831.JPG the side hatches and the components that they house . R/F is the ignition . L/F is the carb access. L/R is engine fuel pump . and the R/R hatch is the smoke pump . with the limited access to the internals on this plane I thought it a good Idea to make the panels functional . I also put a shot of the throttle servo installation , for the choke I like to put a functional choke knob that you pull from inside the cockpit ,guys get a kick out of that one . the fire wall was upgraded with countersunk 5mm hardware and all engine mounting structure is glued with Hysol . The wing strut and flying wire brackets are a known weak point in this kit so they have been bolted straight through to the inside engine mounting rails . sorry if I am rambling but I did a lot of upgrades and I am trying to touch on a few of them for anyone that might be building one .for the hatch covers I used a heavier gauge aluminum , the kit asks for plywood covered in a thin aluminum , and for them to be glued in place . Not only would that material be hard to use for my purpose it was actually heavier then just using the stronger aluminum plate .. the upper wheel strut covers were modified because the real stearman has a plate between the hatch and the strut cover .. the glass parts are from Fiberglass specialties and ,the guys were good to deal with and the parts were straight worked quite well . Thanks for doing a good job FS ..

As far as the kit goes, many things did not line up correctly and some wood needed replacement but it's not a hard build just involved LOL. mainly and most concerning the tail was missing from my kit ,I don't know how or why the tail was missing but there was not a single piece for the tail in this kit . Talked to Balsa usa and they sent me another but it cost $200 for a few stick of balsa , in retrospect I should have just cut the pieces by hand because the parts they sent were mostly wrong or unuasble . the stock they sent for a 4' tail was in a 3'long box and the lazer cut parts were all under cut so they were all too small .. there is also a big problem with the plans in this kit as the wings from one side to the other are different lengths ,I have talked to a few guys that have built one, all having the same problem so don't trust the plans , measure your first wing and build your second from that .. Big lesson learned
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few more shots of my progress .. made a shield to go behind the motor (litho plate)and added the engine ID plate . Did some of the leather work around the cockpit , cut up a100_3918.JPG 100_3919.JPG 100_3920.JPG 100_3921.JPG 100_3922.JPG 100_3923.JPG old wallet so it would look a bit weathered . also installed the elevator servos and the pull pull rigging , The kit was upgraded to have a removable tail so thought it a good Idea to make some some quick release pivots for the pull pull cables ..


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Wow!!!! Congrats on the maiden Roger. Man you really greased in that landing too. Lol. Beautiful plane.
Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on what is going on with it.
Thanks guys , have a few more flights on it now , what a blast to fly . Those top ailerons give it a nice roll rate for a big girl . The engine just pulls it through a loop at 1/2 throttle and is so quiet . final weight was 50lbs . holds inverted with little elevator . with all that wing it likes to land with a little power on but that's normal for the big biplanes . I will have to bring my kit next time to get some more video of it ..