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I don't know what the hell has been going on but in the last two weeks I've had to kill 3 threads, one of them extremely helpful until members started going at each others throats. I've banned a member account for life, one for three months because it's strongly suspected he was behind the use of another members account, and gave over night bans to two long standing members.

I don't like or want to do that. In fact, things are getting so bad I'm considering giving up the moderator job. Seems everyone just wants to have a reason to be angry and moderators can't make people less angry, no matter how hard they try to be neutral or fun loving while letting stuff slide they shouldn't.

It seems that people are coming here only because they have more latitude to bitch and complain, b=generally about some other hobbyist. They want to start up threads with the intention of destroying in any way possible people that have been high profile in the hobby. Yes, those people have committed acts that poorly represent the hobby and mankind in general but is the way we are acting who we really are?

If we have a serious beef with a sponsored flyer, one that is supposed to be presenting the hobby to the public in the best manner possible, take it to the sponsors! If the sponsors get the word people won't buy their products because of the actions of their employees, guess what soon happens? Those people lose their sponsorships soon after.

If you have a beef with another member and things are looking to get serious, why keep the hate and discontent public? What do you hope to solve? Is getting people to take your side going to change the other person? Will that make you right? Will you really accomplish anything besides pissing off a bunch people and perhaps make yourself look an ass in front of your fellow flyers? Think about the relationship you used to have with those people before you run out to seriously trash them. That stuff doesn't heal, and good friends are both hard to come by and worth far more than many will ever understand.

The Circus is a team game folks. We need you, the members to participate and we sure would like to pick up a few sponsors to offset the bills and help with raffle goodies for the various flying events. The site does not need to be competitive with the world, or even with itself. We only need to remember we play to have fun. Having fun should not be intentionally destructive, and attitudes should not always be so hot that people are a breath away from emotional explosion.

You folks make the site what it is. Moderators should only need to give a gentle nudge from time to time. We aren't supposed to be referees, mothers, fathers, or the parish priest. We don't mind helping but at least for me I don't want to be some hard ass always having to lay down the law. That's not fun and if I can't have fun I don't want to do it. I don't know the other mods feel that much different in that regard.

Debate is good, minor arguments is good. Sharing camaraderie and spirit is good. Friendly banter is good. Sharing hobby experiences and knowledge is good. Showing off new toys is good. Talking about the dirty but in good fun trick you played on your buddies or whomever is good. But hate is bad. Trashing people is bad and serves no real purpose except to vent. Is that something you do in the same manner when at work, the flying field, or home with family? For Christ's sakes, this is your family too!

It's your site folks so make it what you want it to be, but if what has been going down continues I'm soon to run out of "give a chit".
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Campos text me wanting to know why he was banned. He said it was because of it being a fake acct. Smoothflying or what ever it is is his real acct. So if he was banned due to that could his ban be lifted? Please PM me if you feel it is necessary instead of talking in the open.

Thanks Rusty.

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+1000 TOM

I believe I speak for more than myself when I say I'm not proud to belong to a group that takes pride in tearing down fellow humans. I like the freedom available on this site but some of the crap I've been witness to in the last month or so is not justifiable in any social setting.


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+ another gazillion from me TOM,

It is not confined to only here or even this group of people. I have noticed it on other forums just how quickly threads turn into personal attacks. Something which Ii will not participate in (other than poking fun to those who will happily quickly poke it back)

It is almost as if the evil monsters have taken away the "get laid proteins" from the RC world.


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Sorry ... :( ... I know I was part of the problem.

I'll never let the feeble minded get to me again....

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Campos text me wanting to know why he was banned. He said it was because of it being a fake acct. Smoothflying or what ever it is is his real acct. So if he was banned due to that could his ban be lifted? Please PM me if you feel it is necessary instead of talking in the open.

Thanks Rusty.
Fixed, unless he was also posting as Craven. That account is dead forever.

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Yes, I did hear about that. The government likes to toss out statistics about America being safer that it was not that long ago. Anyone that walks the streets of a big or medium sized city at night knows the lie when they hear it. The sadder part is that a majority of the violent crimes are being committed by a specific class of people, a class that receives federal favor in many ways. Things will not improve until people can get back to work earning a "livable" wage.
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Talk about chicken-sh it.....two punkass teens, mugging a WWII elderly purple heart war hero.
They should have been paying homage.

Makes one think, they might like to see the chassis of my Yukon XL, in a very personal way.


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ya and where the f,k is sharpton and waters and the naacp raising hell for justice in this case,,,worthless basturds


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Regarding Tom... I think Austin should double his salary. Good job man!... I like this place a whole lot better than the other.