Tribute---- To my Dad


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He left me a message on my voice mail last year on my birthday.. I have saved it and I occasionally listen to it from time to time...
Sorry about the loss of your father. Great tribute to the man.

I was doin' okay with this thread........... until I read that last sentence. Ya just made a grown man cry. :sad2:


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I really meant this thread to be a chance for me to share the JOY I had with my father... this is a celebration for me.... I am just thankful he got to be OLD before he went to that great big 3D throwdown in the sky!

I still miss him... everyday... talk with my mom prolly two or 3 times a week... and usually the conversation comes around to my Dad... but it is usually good... great memories.... stuff like that....

My Mom is getting a dog.... a French Bulldog!! :O

Thanks Musicman!!! lol


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You'd have to be pretty cold not too shed a tear reading this thread Mith.
Your father was a wonderful man and a great inspiration for you and your family
Wish I could add something that hadn't been said all ready. Your a fine son. Thanks for sharing.. R.I.P. RC FLYER

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I'm truly saddened to learn of your loss. I lost my Mom this time last year which was painful enough. I never had a Dad I knew so the thought of losing someone that is also so important in our lives is quite painful to consider.

The memories will be there forever, often in brighter colors than in real life. Cherish them often and pass on the lessons he provided to you to your children. In this way he lives on forever. Each of us is the sum of those that came before us, and who he was made you who you are. He did well.


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I don't know how I ever managed to miss this thread. It was awesome Mith! Truly left a lump in my throat. Many people including myself had only dream't of having a relationship with our fathers like you had, it was something very special for sure. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life with us. :cheers:


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it was awesome growing up.... I remember all my friends hated their dads... I didn't get it... he was like.. my dad, my hero, my flying buddy.... what were they thinking???

I am gonna take his ashes flying again this weekend... and let my son take him for a ride too!! that will be a first!!



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I lost my dad a year and a half ago and still think about him every day and cherish all the times we had in the hobby together. He was there when I soloed in full scale back in August of 18, very special moment.
Yours is a great tribute and I sincerely appreciate you posting this. First time I have seen it...
Happy birthday to your pops!