Tribute---- To my Dad


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well..... back in October, after a 9 week ordeal, My Father Passed...


He had COPD, and for 8 weeks, the Dr.'s let us believe there was a likely chance of hope.. of him going home.... not until the last days did the hospitol staff finally admit... it was not a good outcome... I know my Dad.... he woulda said 3 weeks prior... "No More Miraculous Saves... Let me GO IN PEACE!!"...


this is just a little tribute... a moment for me to share my love for him... to honour him.. and brag about him....

Back in prolly 1966, my Dad and my older brother Steven (Shown below) got into models... I was 4... and immediately, I loved the planes he put t'gether with my brother... initially.. they were "String Planes".. he he he .. control line... of course they had a nobler... but then he got involved in RC.. just as reeds were fading and Kraft and EK Logictrol and ProLine were introducing the wiz-bang "Digital Proportional"...


In the late 60's and early 70's, my dad was really proliferate with models... several planes were construction articles.... he wrote the field and bench review for the bridi designed Kaos with a veco 61 and a Kraft Gold Medal series radio.. with KPS-9 servos!! lol He even mentioned what a great flying plane it was and what a gentleman joe bridi was.....

He even designed the original RCM Trainer and he authored a good part of the RCM Flight Training course....

here are a few snaps of the original trainer.....



Soon after the construction article in RC Modeler magazine, bridi came out with a kit he even called the RCM Trainer.... Bridi ripped off my father!! He changed a couple cosmetic things but the design was figured out by my dad....

bridi doing that to my dad... kinda burned him out of the hobby... 'specially after he said such nice things about bridi.
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But.. my Dad did stay involved... and he did design several planes... he went on to design the next plane for the RCM Flight Training course called an advanced trainer... same fuse as the original trainer... but symmetrical wing... and after that was the RCM Expert

this was a 40 sized pattern plane... my dad actually beat Phil Kraft with this plane in a pattern contest in '69 or '70!!

My dad also designed a pattern plane with the intent of it looking like what a real plane would look like... so he designed, and did a construction article for RCM again for a plane he called the Classic....




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During this time we lived in Memphis, Tn.

He designed another pattern plane called "Big Daddy".... it had about a 68 inch wing... that was HUGE for those days.... my Dad has always been an advocate for BIGGER!!!





he had this plane until about 1976 or 1977... right about the time I was getting good enough he would trust me to fly his planes.... and the most remarkable thing I remember about this plane... was how smooooth it was... it was a plane that just didn't have any bad habits....

Unfortunately.. shortly after I began flying it, a World Engines "Expert" radio put it in the dirt.... radio never was worth a crap!....


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So... while we did live in New York (about winter 1970 we moved there)... he designed a few more planes... mostly for fun....

One of'em was a Quarter Midget.... that would be a .15 sized engine Pylon Racer....



and he also built a Das Uglier Shticken Flugen



was a grat flying plane he could fly in our back yard....


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We only lived in New York for a few years... and than a couple more years in Boulder Colorado.... didn't fly too much there 'cuz it was always windy!!... but in about 1975 we moved to the Chico Area of California... and it was flying season year round!! (Compared to NY and Co!!)

While we lived there... he built a pattern plane called a Mach One.... awesome plane designed by Norm Page....



this was a pattern plane from the era of each maneuver was done after a Split S and the plane was going about 120 mph as you entered each maneuver!!

Unfortunately, we left Chico for the Fresno area in 1978...but our flying continued!!

and for my birthday one year... my dad bought me a Warbird.. yes.. a WWII FW190... a Dave Platt kit... a KIT!! A BuhZillion pieces!! with Retracts... Holy Smokes... what a lot of work!!!


and at about the same time, my dad also built a Pulsar Bipe.. I can't find any pictures of that... but it was used in the early stages of what eventually became IMAC I think....


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during the several years my Dad and I flew models... my other brother Tom was in and out of the hobby... recently he became involved again....



My oldest brother Steven actually lost interest in about 1969.... and has recently rekindled his RC Passion with Heli's and now I think he has prolly 5 or 6 Foamies!!


unfortunately... the past 15 years... my Dad has really been too blind to enjoy too much flying... he never really gave it up... he even built an awesome indoor foamie with my brother Steve last year.....


That would be his last plane!! :( My brother Steven has it now and is flying the crap out of it!! lol
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here are a few of the last pictures I got of my Dad.....



this is kinda cool... 'cuz I got my passion for planes from my Dad... he cultivated the passion... and hanging from the Beams behind my Dad is a plane that I was instrumental in creating!! At a bad ass museum!!!

Is that Bitchin' or what!!!

Well.... I dunno if my son will ever have the passion for models I had... in some ways I hope so... in other ways I hope not!! lol... but he is enjoying it... and what the hell... my Dad indirectly inspired the fun my son is having with planes!!!




Dad.... I miss you... I love you!! ... You cultivated a passion in me that directly lead me to my career that has been awesome... and a hobby that has captivated me for nearly 40 years!!!

You made every birthday and Christmas of my childhood a magical event.... you provided for me and protected me and were instrumental in creating the person I am today!!

Friday I will fly my SX with a small pouch containing a portion of my Fathers Ashes!!

Miss You Daddy!!!


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Best Memorial a Father could have from a modelers perspective!

I see where you get your inspiration. I'm sorry your father has passed, but he left you with a nice little legacy.

I have a Curare with the same scheme as that Mach-1.


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Great photos, and better memories. Your dad sounded like a truly talented and great guy. I know he will be missed.

This was a wonderful tribute, our hobby needs more guys like your dad.


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That was a wonderful tribute. I am sorry for you loss. I buried my father two weeks ago yesterday. He was not into planes, his thing was music. It was fun to listen to all of the old guys coming out of the woodwork to talk about him and the music that they made. He had his own 15 minute radio slot when he was 14 years old and had to hitchhike 40 miles every week just so he could play live on the radio. I am struck by how much I miss him. Nice job on the memorial, thanks for sharing your dad with us.


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Condolences Sir. Very nice tribute. I lost my dad a year and half ago...he sparked my love for planes/aviation before I got to ten years old...been in love with planes ever since. All the best to you and your family.