The End Of Team Flying Circus?


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Unfortunately TFC has reached the point where it cost more money to keep TFC online then it makes.

So I just wanted to reach out in transparency and get feedback from those who still use it.

What should the future of TFC be?
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Burn it! Everything comes to an end. Got an email. Reset my password to let you know.

Hope it made you some money. Sounds like you were traded in for an 18 year old!
I have followed tseres. Builds and pamsters posts With the advent of ARFs seems like all forums have went down hill,
Seems like the older members have moved on to other things, like Tom , Jody and Brutus I don’t know what to do to bring this back to life maybe someone else does


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I'd like to see it continue but understand if the site needs to be sold or shutdown.

I believe it started as primarily a giant scale site but that part of the hobby seems to be in a downturn. And this is coming from someone who sold a 70cc plane 9 months ago to buy another pattern plane so there's that too.


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Traffic on all the RC sites is in decline, along with the ‘old school’ flyers, so it’s not surprising a low-traffic site like this one would eventually reach the point of no return.


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I'm sorry to find this out. I really do like it here. I've done as much as I could. I think Face Book has taken over all the sites. I tried to direct people here from other sites but not enough, maybe have signed up.

Thank you for keeping this site as long as you have and hope you can find away to keep this open.


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Haven't been on this site much. seems to have a large following with threads like the Taranis radio.


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IMOP... from what I've heard locally, there's been a sizable decline in the hobby in general. Can't say it's necessarily the economy, but then again if everyone is busy trying to keep up with the cost of living, that could be part of it. Here on L.I., we've lost a lot of our flying sites and the nicer ones that do exist cost a few hundred to join. It just seems the hobby's not replacing its members at the same level it was 20 years ago. We've grown old. Always enjoyed the social aspect. The hobby just isn't as popular anymore, unfortunately.


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I’m in agreement with born2flyrc, this hobby is in decline. Here we have lost our field to the paragliding crowd. The runway is in such rough shape due to heels digging in. Not many of us willing to travel to other fields a couple hours drive away. The cost of living is the main factor.

As for this site, I can understand that good things come to and end but it has a wealth of information that would be sad to say goodbye to. It will be missed....if it does go by the wayside. I hope not.


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TFC was a way of life back in the day . Was on a lot back from 2006 to about 2010 , went to several Rabbit bashes, still fly my 30% Yak . Made a lot of good friends here,they are doing other things now . sorry to see it go, but still, it's time.


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It seems the hobby lost its fascination to kids with the advent of computer games and gaming systems. Nothing can survive without the input of young blood. As we die off, there just isn't the young kids anymore who used to be around to take our place and carry on. The interest in flying and aviation history is also diminishing. That's why there is a shortage of commercial pilots. It's happening everywhere! ☹☹
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Definitely sad to hear this. I complained very loudly to a lot of people that seem to rather go over to Facebook for their hobby discussions instead of using these forums. I would rather not have to see peoples' political viewpoints, whatever they are having for dinner, and any number of other blathering crap.
I also complained very loudly about no home page for several years and the inability to post the photo of the month on that missing home page.
Angie did make a valiant effort to keep things going here with sort of a home page. But I think it was already too late.
The real problem I see is from the posts above, and that is that only because of this thread people who had been a member here for several years only posted their 4th or 5th post of their entire membership within this one thread. That's quite the lack of participation if you ask me. I never heard of most of those people.
I want TFC to still exist but I do understand what may need to happen.
Long Live TFC!!!


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I remember the original flying cirkus from years ago before team flying circus, my how time flys


I was an RC forums junkie for quite a few years. I remember when RC Airport first came out and couldn’t get enough of the info and general jibber jabber. RC Airport turned into RC Universe and there were quite a few very knowledgeable gas engine and giant airplane experts. Most have since passed away and my interest in the forums have basically gone with them. I still fly and build models but not as much as I used to. Just finished a Sig Clipped Wing Cub with a RCGF 20 engine and if somebody knows a way to stop the slobbering oil residue exiting the exhaust pipes from ruining my beautiful fabric covering job I would appreciate it! If I lean it anymore it will surely explode LOL! Oh yeah the days when an average person could go to an airport/airstrip and walk around and look and touch various airplanes and aircraft to promote aviation in general have passed. That doesn’t help interest in model aviation either.


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Hi All!
I'm happy to announce, that TeamFlyingCircus isn't going anywhere!

While I have no expectation of it being as active as it once was, I do have hopes that some of you will come by and check in on us from time to time.