The Difference between the Gold Wing Rc and ARF Brand


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We wanted to address that issue of Arf Brand vs Gold Wing RC.
Prior to now the Arf Brand was labeled Gold Wing ARF. These airframes were sold as GW and at the GW price. In some cases the vendor would show the GW price and give it a sale price still above the ARF retail price.
I would like to Apologize for the bad practices of some rotten apples.
I am in no way say that the ARF Brand in less Quality. I am saying the the Pricing is different and the accessories and covering is different, which allows for the lower price on the ARF brand.
Below are the Differences between the 2 according to the factory.
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ARF range:
Mid-range products, mainly small aircraft.

Standard configuration is

• Chinacote film.
• Nylon PU wheels.
•Two options for landing gear: Anodized 6061 Aluminium landing gear or Carbon fiber landing gear.

GW range:
High end products, mainly giant scale aerobatic aircraft. We develop and produce the highest specification models.

The new GW planes standard configuration is

• Genuine Ultracote / Oracover film.
• Spare covering included in the package. Convenient for repairs.
• Carbon fiber landing gear.
• Carbon fiber control horns.
• Improved wheels with aluminum hub, built with more durable materials, and filled with
• Pre-assembled and mounted gas tank.
• Pre-hinged control surfaces.
• Improved carbon fiber tail wheel assembly, using CNC machined metal parts including
tail wheel hub.
• Carbon fiber spinner for Corvus & Sbach.
• 60cc and larger models will change over to pocket style scale hinging in the near future.


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You can tell them to drop the pre-assembled tank. Way too risky to trust!!!:ack:


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Goldwing is mid-grade material and arf is even more crapper.. the only good plane that factory makes is the EG.. I have flown Arf , gold wing as well EG.. believe it or not.. i enjoyed ARF the most.. because its cheap and light crappy ply.. the over weight is considerably less compared to Goldwing or EG.. recently bought a ARF Su. to abuse the crap out of it.. practice few new routines.


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where did you get your arf su 26 from. also if you have flown all these planes previously why would you by another. I really dont mean to be rude, however, i dont think that you quite know what you are say. we have sold over 60 arf brand planes in the last 20 months and over 100 GW planes, we have not rec'd any quality issues nor have we rec'd complaint on preformance. If you had an issue with your plane you could have spoke to your dealer or directly to GW. I do believe that you may have an issue with your airframe. there are better avenues to make it right rather than dogging the product online.

please contact me. if i can help you with your issue i will. 321-360-9390 cedric


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hey cedric ,
Arf models have very flimsy longerons and its very common to see the fuse breaking in to half , after 50 flights+ .. landing gear plates needs to be improved big time..Hardware is old-style but durable .. over all the model is lighter, bigger ailerons .. we have seen Edge, yak and now Su at our field.. they fly very well but sadly they give up very quickly on little rough landings and Extreme G manuevers.. The tanks comes with crappy red rubber.. that hardens over period of time ..

Goldwing ,planes on the other hand ,with upcoming versions are definitely becoming better over period of time , especially V4 .. but still needs a lot of improvements.. We need more surface size.. ailerons are too small.. planes feel to be on a wheelchair.. For the price they are pitched , i would prefer EF or EG.

EG are the best they have to offer, carbon longerons on fuse as well as wing.. very nice finish .. priced on higher end.. worth the money.. but again Same problem like gold wing.. small surfaces.

I dont mean to be rude , but this is direct customer feedback you are getting Cedric. Even we look forward for Goldwing reaching our expectations , at the same time not sky rocket their prices on every new version..

Brand reputation is Irrespective of number of models that are being sold .. i m sure you are doing good business.. as buyer we expect that you accept the criticism and work on them.. and make your product better.. and not give me statistics of your sale.

Please tell me if i can order the planes/spares directly.


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Up to about 5 years ago, I was importing and selling some ARFMFG and 3dPaul models to here. Some versions were great flyers, others not so much. The factory at the time offered a few "Versions" of each model - the difference being things such as the covering used, Carbon or Non carbon items (such as wing tubes and undercarriages) and (I suspect) the better built airframes were used int eh "high spec" models. Later on they changed the branding on the higher spec models to "Goldwing" and EG.

All I can say is that having looked at some recently purchased models at our field, the brand has come a LONG way in the past couple of years.

As for all "China ARFs" (yes - that is most of them) - it is the dealer that makes the difference by the spare parts stocked and available and the attitude to replacement (or non shipping) of "Errors" (which can come from all factories).


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what they get for arfs is dirt cheap....and they fly really good.Build a carden in spc and fly that,whole new world!!