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I am pleased to announce that I've decided to join Team JR Americas as a sponsored pilot. Over the last several years, I've found myself consolidating all of my radio, servo's and electronics to the JR brand as I have found the quality and performance to be unmatched. And now with the new JR 28X DMSS radio coming out in 2014 and with new breakthrough wide voltage digital servo technology that I have been very impressed with, I will be moving my airplanes, helicopters and jets to this new DMSS platform throughout the year. For any Bay Area, CA RC fliers that have any questions on any of your JR equipment or setup, feel free to contact me. Likewise, if you fly other brands and have any questions, I'm always open to trying to help. I'll be flying primarily at the NBRC field in Napa and the LFE field in Livermore, but have several airshows both full size and RC demo flights scheduled thru 2014. My RC journey has been a great adventure having progressed from flying airplanes to helicopters as a teenager while being inspired by Robert Gorham who helped me gain sponsorship from GMP, Futaba, Enya and Morgan fuels back in the late 80's and 90's. After taking some time to establish my career and my family with my incredible wife and two boys, Michelle, Miles and Curtis, I've been back in the hobby now for the last 10 years and my passion for aviation and RC just seems to grow and grow! My website is See you at the field!



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Congrats! For the record, I never had an issue with JR, it's Wrekdum that I never trusted!