Super's Pilot 40% Edge 540 Assembly


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Speaking of servo failures, I've just been troubleshooting a plane that wouldn't start.
It had spark
It appeared to have fuel but I overhauled the carb anyway because I thought maybe I had cooked something when I soldered the throttle arm extensions on (I bolt them then add a dob of low melting point silver solder in too) and it had plenty of fuel.

What it was was the choke servo had failed. When I flicked the choke switch, I heard and even saw movement on a rod (choke and throttle servos are next to each other). what had actually happened was the servo had failed and my eyes and ears deceived me as on this plane the throttle opens slightly when I close the choke.

Now it runs real sweet again - good thing I didn't have an emergency because I don't have an optokill on this plane and couldn't rely on the choke to kill it - might have had to rely on the throttle linkage working well with the return springs still attached. :biggrin:

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If you don't have a 30 litre fuel tank you could have flown it till it stopped too ya know;) Course, you're not like some that would use the smallest flight battery they could and pray it would out last the gas tank:)


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It was tongue in cheek about the emergency - there are always plenty of people who wil happily take over my planes from me in such an event. They are all strong enough to be "pylon raced" around the flight area.