Supermarine Spitfire MkIX 67" 3D Printed Model RC Plane 3dLabPrint Airplane Kit



This is a brand new Lightning3d kit of 3dLabPrint's 67" Supermarine Spitfire MkIX

This kit is comes printed in Silver, and Clear, as shown in images. If you would like it printed in any other color or multiple colors, we have many colors available. Please message us with your color preferences either before or immediately after the purchase of your kit or it will be shipped with default silver/clear color scheme as seen in images.

8 channel controls for a realistic flight experience.

Now things are getting serious! Introducing our new scale Spitfire in its most famous IX version, with all the possible features like split flaps, retractable landing gear and all the scale details like exhausts, radiators, transparent sliding canopy, steerable tail wheel and armament that not only looks but also flies scale. It’s wingspan, a 1,7 meters long, or 67" is quite frankly, just darn huge.


Length: 1488 mm / 58,6 inch
Wingspan: 1700mm / 66.9 inch
Wingspan (clipped wing): 1505mm / 59.3 inch
Height: 510 mm / 20.1 inch
Wing area: 51.4 dm2 / 5.53 sq ft
Wing loading: 71.9 g/dm2 / 23.6 oz at sq ft
Center of gravity: 102mm / 4.01 in from LE See CG tags on wings...
Airfoil: 3DLabPrint SPT02
Weight of all printed parts: 2060 g / 72.7 oz
Takeoff weight (6s 4500mAh Li-Pol): 3700 g / 130.5 oz
Max takeoff weight: 4200 g / 148.2 oz
Never exceed speed, VNE: 160 km/h / 99.4 mph
Design maneuvering speed, VA: 120 km/h / 74.6 mph
Stall speed, VS(full flaps): 38 km/h / 23.6 mph


All printed parts required to complete model
Printed manual.
(2) printed decal sheets
(2) sets of gear wheels (old and new styles)
Upgraded metal main gear springs, with 3d printed retainers, for added realism and durability during landing and take-off.