Super 77th Video


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Yep. Finally got it done. Cody should be thrilled. Ya'll should be entertained!

Click [ame=""]HERE[/ame]

Kenspeckle ;)


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Thanks for the kudos guys. I have taken to videos in the last few years and love making them. The weekend was awesome and sloping is fun as heck. Ya'll should try it if you haven't! Nothing quite so much fun as trying to knock your fellow pilots out of the sky!


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Looks like you all had fun. I am sorry I couldn't get up there. Plane Bender I know I told you I would try but things got in the way. Well can't wait to fly with you guys again.


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Um, ok. Planebender has never been up there, and I'd bet he's never been a big slope combat guy...

Still, cool to see that vid again! Good times! Max barfed all over the cab of my truck on that 4X road!