summer sale coming


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Wild Hare is having a summer sale. This will be a progressive event, we will be putting different products on sale at different times.

The first ones up will be the 50cc MX2 and Giles, and the 30cc Sbachs.

50cc MX2 and Giles in the Honda (red/black/white) scheme will be on sale for $399.00. I also have one of the yellow/blue Giles for additional $40. This represents a savings of $100, and these are prime planes, not seconds or blemished in any way.

30cc Sbachs will be on sale for $290.00. We have both schemes now, act quickly to be sure you get the color you want. We have about a dozen of the sbachs and 7 of the MX2s and Giles, so the sale probably won't last long at these prices.

I have one 100CC Giles as well, $500 plus shipping will get you one of the nicest 100cc planes on the market.

Call to order, 817-430-0107.

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Dang, if I was in the market for another 100cc plane I would grab the Giles. Really nice flying plane!!


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Yes it really is. I simply do not understand the bias against the Giles.

I understand bias against Caps, they are hard to trim to get solid flight in all envelopes.

But the Giles is the easiest flying most docile plane around, it will fly unlimited IMAC with ease and yet will 3d as well as any plane out there.

And nobody wants them.

HL Mencken was right when he said "nobody ever went broke because they under-estimated the intelligence of the American public".



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Have to agree with you on the Giles. If I wanted another (have one) I would pick it up in a heart beat. Great fliers but they have this "snap stigma" with the public. Over power a Giles and a person could have some real fun with it. I know I do with mine.


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I have a 6.4 (105) Brison in my 40% at home. Unlimited in any aspect. If you have an 85 the thing is so light for it's percentage of scale that it flies 3d pretty well. Some of the early videos of the 40% Giles being put though it's paces were using 85's.

I'm thinking a 50cc Giles could be pretty nice and easy to transport for those without full bed pick ups.


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Those are some sweet deals. I'd fly a giles! Especially after watching the alien put it through its paces!


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Wish I had the money to get a giles. I have always wanted one.

Well I had one but sold it before I could ever fly it. Wish that I never did that lol. I think the giles looks killer.


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OK we're back and the sale is on but a few details have changed.

We're simply offering a $100 discount on any plane or airplane/combo in stock. 30cc planes are now $299, 50cc planes are $399. The only exception is the 50cc Edge 540, they are still $499 which is still a killer price for a 50cc plane!

Call me at 817-430-0107 to order. First come first choose, order early and get the color you want. For example there's only 1 red/yellow/black Extra 260 50cc, if that's the color you want get it quick.

Etc. etc.



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Is the 100cc Giles still there?

If so, please reply and I will call you tomorrow in the am. For tht matter you can call me if you like. 208-908-3666
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