Soldering station shopping


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I'm looking at soldering stations and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations.

This would be an occasional use item for me, so it doesn't have to be commercial quality or price. For larger wire, like around 90 watts.



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Look up vellman VTSS5 soldering station! $12, 50w adjustable, temp controlled, has a nice tip and holder. I have been soldering heavy guage battery wire and Deans with no problems. I was looking for a 100w station, but this one gets the job done! Mine works as good as any weller I have used. I have about 2 hours on mine so far and it's the best $20 (with shipping) I have ever spent. Seriously, this thing works! I gave it a 5 star review on Amazon.
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Thanks for the replies. Wasn't too sure about some of the cheaper ones, but it sounds like they are ok.