SOFT LI-poly


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Ok I have a 3000mAH 2s2p 7.4 Li-Po for a receiver pack and one cell is soft. It takes a charge sustains with a 1 amp load and the 1.5 amp load. I have this battery in a Raptor 30 and dont toss it around much. so it wont see much load. I need to know what you guys would do. If it was a flight pack running the whole gig I would replace it but its just the flight pack and I barely pull 300mAH per flight.. What do you all think??



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My big 10s4p x 5300 mah packs are in a constant stae os Semi-Puff for the past 20 flights.. and I detect no performance degradation...

Just keep your eyes out for smoke!!! :O


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Replace that puppy!!!!!

Cell degradation in one cell will obviously put it out of balance. One day you'll put that thing on the charger and it will go POOF. Especially if your not charging with a balancer.
Or the charger will see it as having a full charge...even though it doesnt.
Or the charger will see it has being too low, and refuse to charge it.

Replace it before something goes wrong.

2cell lipos are cheap...why risk it.


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Fly it till it will only run 5min then tear it down and find out which cell is bad and re use the rest in another pack from your other bad packs.