Siko assembles the 3DHS 104" Slick


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How the hell was the carb on backwards? Did it come from the factory like that??? WTF??? Or did YOU do that?


Kole called me a few weeks after I got it and said they were having a reed problem. He came over and fixed the reed and we suspect he put it on backwards. Didn't know it until I tried to start it and all it would do was pop.He came over today and when he looked at it he said it was on backwards.After all I went through getting the linkage perfect I am not happy.


She's running!!!!! Hopefully maiden tomorrow,still got a few things to button up tonight,will try to get some pics later.The engine problem was induced unknowingly by me.When I ran the motor in my front yard it sucked a bunch of dirt in the carb and pretty much destroyed the pistons and cylinders.Kole of Limitless Aero and the US GP dealer took care of me today replacing the rings,wrist pins and bearings,pistons and cylinders Nice job Kole.


Maiden on hold again.Spent the afternoon putting her together 100% for the first time.Then tried to start her.Was a tad hard to start but then it would not top out,acted like it was super rich.Wasn't happy and could not believe installing the cowl would change the tune that much.Turns out it didn't,the cowl is not letting the choke open.I could redo the choke tonight,and still have to cg it with the batteries and mount them,would be up late and probably be in a rush and that is when mistakes are made.So I will hold off on the maiden until later in the week,unless I get it all done early tomorrow then I may head over to the Tyler field.But here are some pics from the first time full assembly.



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Sucking up crap into the engine, that sucks A S S !
Kole helping you out, thats BadAS S!

Yep, the cowl on/off, can change the tune, but not as much as a choke that's half open.
That little carb hole.....check around, you might get better cooling for the engine, with it blocked off.


And, taking your time to make sure things are right, is the best policy.


Funny thing Red,I had a "diverter" in that hole and thought maybe it was too close to the carb throat and causing my problem so I pulled it out,thats when I saw he choke ball link hitting the cowl.Damn cowl,it took almost an hour to put it on and now I have to pull it back off,grrrr...:banghead:


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I'm with you on that split cowling, it takes FOREVER to take off and reinstall. I had to weld up a long Allen's wrench to get to the screws.
But it did make it easy to do the baffling.
You might want to add some foam to the side of your tank, mine was awful loose until i added some. just a thought.
Good luck on the maiden keep us posted.