San Diego EMAC April 12th.

Discussion in 'Events' started by lazyboyflyer, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. lazyboyflyer

    lazyboyflyer IN & OUT BURGERS RULE

    I sure hope this is still happening, the boys and I plan on making this event. I guess I'll be flying the Edge 260 with Curtis.
  2. Jeffery Szueber JR.

    Jeffery Szueber JR. FreestyleNdude

    WE ARE READY!!!!!!!! I can't wait.
  3. Dean Bird

    Dean Bird Lifetime Supporter

    We need pics.
  4. 1BWANA1

    1BWANA1 Senior member

    Yes the EMAC is still on for next Saturday April 12th. Lots of guys out practicing this weekend. I'm really excited that you guys are all planning on coming down. You add a great deal to the event! Noon time freestyles, oh yes!
  5. Spike

    Spike Well-Known Member

    Cool, glad to hear the Riverside crew will be coming down to our neck of the woods!
  6. Matthew Szueber

    Matthew Szueber THE HAWK

    Can’t wait to get there...
    And yes Steve as I promised I will be flying this time... :)
  7. sandman

    sandman Well-Known Member

    I'll be there! Been windy at the field lately so be prepared. I'll be down practicing Thursday and Friday (hopefully).
  8. lazyboyflyer

    lazyboyflyer IN & OUT BURGERS RULE

    Well it looks like we'll be flying an Extra 300 and not the Edge 260. We still need a couple flights on it for trimming. Check it out!


  9. 1BWANA1

    1BWANA1 Senior member

    Where did you get that? I don't see it on Airwilds website. How big is it, and how much does it weigh?
  10. Dean Bird

    Dean Bird Lifetime Supporter

    That's got character!!
  11. Gmoney

    Gmoney Circus Staff

    I have had a couple planes like that.. The best part is they normally last forever..

  12. JBenson

    JBenson Circus Staff

    Nothing you have ever owned made it to forever, let alone old age.

  13. Gmoney

    Gmoney Circus Staff

    Not true Grasshoper! When I used to fly alot.. things lasted forever. I have owned many thousand flight airframes..There was a time I was at the field (FLYING) five and six times a week..
  14. lazyboyflyer

    lazyboyflyer IN & OUT BURGERS RULE

    Parts are parts, garage R & D dept.

    Specs. Extra 300

    W. 87"
    L. 78"
    Wt. 16.9 pounds w/ batteries
  15. sandman

    sandman Well-Known Member

    That cowl don't seem to match - hope its not the stock one....
  16. CircusPrincess

    CircusPrincess Circus Staff

    ... and how fast does it go? Did it cost a lot of money? Have you taken it off of any cool jumps?
  17. lazyboyflyer

    lazyboyflyer IN & OUT BURGERS RULE

    Whats wrong with the new color scheme, don't you like it?
  18. sandman

    sandman Well-Known Member

    Far be it from me, who takes forever to cover a wing, to criticize anyone's color scheme. I recall an art class in which the instructor complimented my abstract art. Unfortunately, I had not meant it to be abstract at all. Wonder if that's what drove Van Gogh crazy...

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