SAB Avio KR84 Tortuga - Freaky Fast

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    "IT's TORTUGA TIME !" That's what we heard as our Italian friends from SAB Avio bungee and hand launched their Tortugas into the air to give a hot demonstration of the speed of the new Tortuga from SAB Avio.

    TORTUGA is a Full sandwich Fiber glass / Airex Fuselage (made under vacuum).
    - Super rigid, ready for High speed.
    - All parts are already painted.
    - Horns are already mounted.
    - Super-fast assembly, in 2 hours the model is ready to fly.

    Wingspan: 84 cm
    Length: 81 cm
    Weight RTF: 1.55 KG
    Wing area: 2400 cm2

    Recommended setup:
    Channels: 4
    2 x mini wing servos 30 x 10 x 30 mm
    1 x micro servo 12 x 23 mm
    Flight battery: 6S — 2600 / 3200 mAh
    Motor: 2200 kV, 28-36mm
    ESC: 100-120A-ESC,
    Propellor: 5x5
    Max motor size: 36mm diameter
    Max motor weight: 150 grams
    Battery Compartment: 55x45x200 mm


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