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Discussion in 'Events' started by Jimmy Dean, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. AuroraRC

    AuroraRC Team Aurora

    I'm here. I'm co-RC lighting engineer for our company Aurora RC, ex indoor electric flight instructor for youth, and full scale LSA pilot. I fly the trike and occasionally the Ikarus C-42. I have about 10 total hours in the stearman as a student pilot, but do not plan on getting a GA certificate. Ex glider pilot - ask-21, grob 103. I'm one of the lucky few with the bragging rights to say I've flown in a Ryan PT-22. :)

    I started flying in 2004-05ish with scale, tried 3D and hated it, because a bunch of jackasses kept telling me all the wrong stuff to set my planes up with and told me a knife edge spin was just pointing the nose down and banging left aileron. Since I got frustrated with being told I'm wrong when I'm right, I sold all my stuff and took up more full scale flying, about 3 years ago Alex got me back in to it, and now I'm a happy 3D/scale/F3A pilot hanging around the right people who won't abuse my brain. I fly a 100cc Aeroworks Extra 300, an ikarus yak shock flyer, soon two domin-8-trixes for formation.
  2. grizzz

    grizzz Member

    hey this is the grizzz I live in Yulee fl I fly at gateway rc in jax fl im an ama member I fly imac and some 3d I have 35% edge 540 32% decathelon and about half dozon electric planes I am a new contest director getting ready for my first event it is the gx3d at gateway rc in Jacksonville fl on feb 20-23 it is also a fund raiser for children of fallen soilders relief fund I have been flying for 6 years and cant get enough
  3. Admin

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    Bump for any new members!
  4. Buttface

    Buttface You want me to do what...?

    Sup dawgs
  5. Tired Old Man

    Tired Old Man Staff Member

    You get lost in the swamp or sumptin?
  6. 1932

    1932 Member

    I am on to much just need to post some.
    EF 540t with bme 58 & pilot sbach with syssa.
    Looking at PAU ultimate with 120
  7. FlyingJ

    FlyingJ Junior Member

    Howdy all,
    Getting back into RC flying.
    I work for an aircraft manufacture building Gulstream 550's
    fly mostly scale;
    1/5 Spitfire
    1/5 cessna 182
    Ziroli P61 Blackwidow
    Don Smith Lavochkin 7
    1/4 Quikie Burt Rutan model rekitted
    Cressline Long EZ rekitted
    PICA Duelest
    Goldberg SU26mx
    Ryan STA
    Topflight P47
    Hot Shot
    Hobbico Spectrum 40
    Supersporster 60 Rekitted but being reborn.
    Ultrasport 40
    1/4 Scale Spad XIII Scratch Build
    BUSA 1/4 Fokker D7 currently building
    just to name a few glad to be a part of the circus.
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  8. Tired Old Man

    Tired Old Man Staff Member

    Someone has waaaay too many airplanes or even more time on their hands.

    BRUTUS Plank Junky Lifetime Supporter

    Dude, his collection makes mine seem normal!

    So, is it the tf giant p-47, or a slimer? ; -p
  10. FlyingJ

    FlyingJ Junior Member

    The slimer version P47 :cryin:
    I like to build them.
    Nothing like the smell of CA and the stuck fingers and the occasional cut finger Ouch! CA does wonders for that but burns.
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  11. tlyman3

    tlyman3 New Member

    bf, whatcha been up to?
  12. fueled

    fueled Member

    9 --50cc planes
    2---100 cc planes
    1 --42% AW extra 300
    Practicing IMAC may enter a contest one day
  13. fueled

    fueled Member

    Would anyone be interested in flying at El Centro,Cal if we put on a event?

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