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Team Aurora
I'm here. I'm co-RC lighting engineer for our company Aurora RC, ex indoor electric flight instructor for youth, and full scale LSA pilot. I fly the trike and occasionally the Ikarus C-42. I have about 10 total hours in the stearman as a student pilot, but do not plan on getting a GA certificate. Ex glider pilot - ask-21, grob 103. I'm one of the lucky few with the bragging rights to say I've flown in a Ryan PT-22. :)

I started flying in 2004-05ish with scale, tried 3D and hated it, because a bunch of jackasses kept telling me all the wrong stuff to set my planes up with and told me a knife edge spin was just pointing the nose down and banging left aileron. Since I got frustrated with being told I'm wrong when I'm right, I sold all my stuff and took up more full scale flying, about 3 years ago Alex got me back in to it, and now I'm a happy 3D/scale/F3A pilot hanging around the right people who won't abuse my brain. I fly a 100cc Aeroworks Extra 300, an ikarus yak shock flyer, soon two domin-8-trixes for formation.


hey this is the grizzz I live in Yulee fl I fly at gateway rc in jax fl im an ama member I fly imac and some 3d I have 35% edge 540 32% decathelon and about half dozon electric planes I am a new contest director getting ready for my first event it is the gx3d at gateway rc in Jacksonville fl on feb 20-23 it is also a fund raiser for children of fallen soilders relief fund I have been flying for 6 years and cant get enough


I am on to much just need to post some.
EF 540t with bme 58 & pilot sbach with syssa.
Looking at PAU ultimate with 120


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Howdy all,
Getting back into RC flying.
I work for an aircraft manufacture building Gulstream 550's
fly mostly scale;
1/5 Spitfire
1/5 cessna 182
Ziroli P61 Blackwidow
Don Smith Lavochkin 7
1/4 Quikie Burt Rutan model rekitted
Cressline Long EZ rekitted
PICA Duelest
Goldberg SU26mx
Ryan STA
Topflight P47
Hot Shot
Hobbico Spectrum 40
Supersporster 60 Rekitted but being reborn.
Ultrasport 40
1/4 Scale Spad XIII Scratch Build
BUSA 1/4 Fokker D7 currently building
just to name a few glad to be a part of the circus.
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Dude, his collection makes mine seem normal!

So, is it the tf giant p-47, or a slimer? ; -p


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The slimer version P47 :cryin:
I like to build them.
Nothing like the smell of CA and the stuck fingers and the occasional cut finger Ouch! CA does wonders for that but burns.
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