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Barry Built

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Barry Young Oak Hills belong to the Victor Valley R/C Flyers in the high desert. I fly 50cc to 210cc.. and foam.. I oc, casionally race nitro planes. i use to sale shoes.. now I do nothing but be A burdon on my kids, mith, showtime, rocky and rabbit ron.


Sack Up
I'm Neal
I fly at the Riverside Field with the manure smell and flies
37.5% 3w Yak w/ a 3w 170
37.5% 3w Yak w/ a 3w 157
I land anything my dad tries to fly


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cyoung450 Dallas Texas, I fly electric and giant scale, right now I'm flying an 86 inch QQ YAK with a DA and several electrics... Welcome Jimmy and glad to see the this site continue! Its always been my favorite. I would like to see a better more extensive swap shop, more product reviews and how to type articles/posts.



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Whether you like it or not, I'm always here!

I don't fly, I supervise.
I have a crush on Rabbit Ron.
I'm married to The Flying Painter.
I have a crush on Rabbit Ron.
I am a Dallas Cowboy supporter.
I have a crush and Rabbit Ron.

and... Funboy, you did not insult me. No problem here!

Oh... and did I mention? I have a crush on Rabbit Ron.


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Jason Benson here.

If it has wings I will fly it. Below I will try to list out my hangar.

35% AW Yak, DA-100, 8711s
85cc Hangar 9 Sukhoi, DA-85, 8711s
40% Krill Yak, DA-170/RE-3s, 8711s (In progress)
Dalton Aviation MEL 300, DA-200, 8711s (In Progress)
42% Dalton 260, DA-170/Muffs, 8711s (In progress)
40% COMP-ARF Extra 260 (Stand By)
X-Models Pushy Cat, 39" Electric, Neu 1110 1Y, Ballistic Fast
Sebart Sukhoi 30E, Neo 10, 4S, Hi Tech 5065s
About 10 Go fast EDFs
10 - 15 misc llow birds and gliders

As you can see, I have a pretty diverse hangar. I love anything RC and miss the "Good ole Days". Circus used to be about trash talking and helping each other to get better. Lately it seams to be more and more about just the trash talk. So here comes the part where I talk about what I would like to see here at our home.

Circus is supposed to be about good friends and good times. I would love to see more informational posts about RC and less negativity if the post isn't about the brand or style that you prefer to fly.

I would also like to see word censorship brought back. Not that any of the words offend me, but I know of several RC parents that no longer allow their children on this site because we allow the f-bomb etc. I believe even one of our own mods has his kid blocked. How would you guys feel if you brought your kids or wife out to the field and we went about cussing like sailors and disrespecting your family? There is a time and place for everything and I don't believe that this is the time or the place for profanity. If you can't make a point without 4 letter words the point probably doesn't need to be made.

The Circ(k)us has been my home since the day I found it. I have spent many hours of my own time trying to make it a better place and I would love nothing more than to see it rise back to the top of the heap. But until we get back to what is truly Circus I don't think that will be possible.

Thank you Jimmy Dean for stepping up and keeping things alive. If I can help in any way please let me know.


Fly N Dutchman

The Vinyl Master
Duane here.
QQ 120" 102"
33% Cub and several others.
DA and JR all the way!
Can make the Circus as before any size up to 52" tall.
Banners also.


Back at it!!!
I'm here almost daily...from Texas Gulf Coast...

I fly the cheap crap...LOL!!!

Great Planes 50cc Reactor/ DLE 55

NitroPlanes 101" Sukhoi/ DL 100cc a.k.a "Fat Bastard"

EF 47.5 Yak 54-E

E-Flite Mini Showtime 4D (still in box)

Futaba 7c FASST

Would like to see more how to vids also...

Also want to say thanks for saving the site as I just got here a short while ago...


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hi my names marc,been a member of the old cirkus and been with the new tfc for 2 two years.i live in the great white north of canada.been in the hobby since 1993.i have been lurking in the back ground for,s a awesome site and i try to visit once or twice a day.

my current planes are-33% lainer yak
zdz 80,hitec 7955 all round
jr 9303 radio system,batteries 123,s
toc yak 35% russian thunder scheem
dl 111,7955,s all around.
smart-fly eq 10,jr radio system
batteries 123,s
aeroworks 33% ultimate,dl 100
hitec 7955,s all round,smartfly eq 6 pro,
jr radio system,batteries 123,s


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Hey my name is Chase
I check up here almost daily. I am at the Air Force Academy right now but I fly at riverside during my breaks with corky, bbp, postie and the gang. Small hangar:
35% SD Models Yak
3DHS 48" electric Katana
some foam


Teamflying Circus
Rocky here

37.5% TTOC Yak
35% Katana tttoc
45" TTTOC Katana
54" TTTOC Yak
some foam
Raptor 50 se
F-16 Turbine still being built
Ace Hobby
Thunder Tiger
Showtimes Garage
Goodys Headache powder
Tokoyo Sushi
OH and my number one sponsor
for working you ass off getting out of the hobby shop working in the industry making a name for your self. I am really proud of you man .



Hello World ;) Yes BIGTEZ is allway's here beaming in from camden airport here in sydney Australia.I fly a G'spot yak ''88'' and a cap232.And thank you jimmy for keeping the TFC dream alive ;)


Howzit All,
Do make a stop in this way every once in awhile to check on things:maad:to see How they do it on the other side. Iam a VVRCF Charter Member and enjoy the hobby. Just recently purchased a 50cc Yake 54 and will learn how its done with the help of Friends.:) Thanks for having me .

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Howzit All,
Do make a stop in this way every once in awhile to check on things:maad:to see How they do it on the other side. Iam a VVRCF Charter Member and enjoy the hobby. Just recently purchased a 50cc Yake 54 and will learn how its done with the help of Friends.:) Thanks for having me .

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Cuck... call me!
I lost your # somehow...
I am free to preflight just 'bout anytime!!

TONY... leave this POST.. I will delete after Chuck calls me...
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I check in once or twice a week. I would check in more often if there were more honest product reviews and less political crap.

31% World Models Extra 300L
Mojo 60
1/5 scale Midwest Citabria
48" B.A.F. Juka


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15m Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus
SGS 1-26E (project)

couple of 100cc Extra's and an Edge 540
150cc Extra 300 and a 42% Edge 540

not much time to fly much of anything right now....


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here in cen cal 35%toc yak da 100 omp profile fpr now and 40%toc extra da 170 42% slick da150 jr 9303 jr and hitech we need some apparal and decals


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Hi-Desert & Santa Clarita Valley, California

42% Dalton 260 - DA150
Caden Edge 540 - DA150
2.6M CARF Extra - DA100
3M CARF - DA170 (as soon as Mith is done)

Excite F5D - Neu Motor
Lynx-E - AON Beta Test motor

Neme-Q - Nelson


I'm here, I have a 40% 260, 80" beechcraft staggerwing, DA motors, JR all the way. I,m not a good pilot, I did it all for my son, but I've enjoy every bit of it. Dave Sullivan has been there for all my builds and support, thanks Dave! I live in atwater ca.

teamjantz lenny