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Discussion in 'Events' started by Jimmy Dean, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. 3ddd

    3ddd divorce,only way to fly

    in da house

    33% edge 540-33% gp cap 580-toc 30% yak--charger foam--oh and divorce lawyer
  2. zman

    zman Well-Known Member

    I'm here lurking.

    37.5 TT YAk
    35 AW Extra 300

    43 Carden Extra 260


  3. Rabbit Ron

    Rabbit Ron Circus Staff

    Rabbit here

    Thunder Tiger 40% Katana 3W 170

    Super Xtra 3W 170

    2 Thunder Tiger 37.5 ( original ) 3W 170

    3W Votec 322, 3W 157 Twin Spark

    Sebart electric Katana 10s

    Team Flying Circus

    Ace Hobby's

    Rocky's delivery service

    Aircraft International

    Fromeco Batts.

    Power Box

    Showtimes Garage

    Phone pics 083 [Desktop Resolution].jpg


    DSC_5077 [Desktop Resolution].jpg
  4. 3DKid

    3DKid Well-Known Member

    WAZ UP!

    50cc Katana (Overpowered)
  5. Showtime

    Showtime Circus Staff

    Present: I am here and will not leave. I am glad TFC is going to go to the next level. It takes a lot of effort and i think Ken is up for it.

    Current fleet:
    Stardust 40
    10% gebe
    Helium Balloon
    Airhog Rocket man.
  6. stang151

    stang151 Pucker Hucker


    High Dez. FOG. Will fly anything once. Home field VVRCF.

    TT TOC Extra 30% DA 50
    TOC Extrem Yak 53 30% DL 50 " China Syndrome"
    GP Supper Stearman
    Bunch o Mustangs (Duh)
    Warbird Racer junk
    Too much crap to list

    Thanks for saving TFC JD
  7. Barnstormer

    Barnstormer Well-Known Member

    Still here in the HIgh Desert, when I grow up I want to fly like Ron.

    Areoworks Pitts Python
    QQ 102
    TTOC Extra 260
    And a few others in the works
    GP 38% Extra
  8. davensocal

    davensocal Well-Known Member


    Nothing to fly at the moment.. Beating the weeds to find/fund a 50cc/80cc plane after last one was lost on maiden (argh)

    used to fly gliders until I sold them all for the last 50cc plane and the switch to 2.4Ghz (double argh!)

    Really like the smaller group here, and the high quality info you get when you ask for something. Also like the $hit you get for being stupid. It's a little more like "hey bro, don't be a 'tard!" than the "I am the world's best pilot and I have more posts than you." garbage that seems to be all over RCG, RCU, and FG.

    I agree with previous posts, love to see more honest product info, might even be nice to have some kind of rating system so that others that use the same product can add their opinion about it.. Example: Someone reviews the DL678cc single cyl engine, they rate the ease of starting, overall power, powerband, torque and reliability each on a scale of 1-10. Others can then add their ratings in the same categories, and maybe one small comment. Formatted so that it is visible within the original review, not 3421 posts later.

    Big thanks to Showtime and all who brought TFC this far. Really excited to see it live on and am looking forward to whatever you do moving forward!

    Dave in So Cal.
  9. hornetman

    hornetman Member

    Smokin' Joe lurkin' and lovin' my new 4 cylinder!
  10. wefly1

    wefly1 Active Member

    here thanks ken
  11. Votec Yak Guy

    Votec Yak Guy Well-Known Member

    Im here in Norcal....40's and foamies:


    1) Add technical and informative build threads - get Joe Hunt back in the game on this....his were the best. I learn a lot from good ones

    2) Photoshoots with hot chics - increase traffic

    3) More RC related discussion threads on new informative topics, subjects, debates...keep me interested and out of the BS Political Crap/Anything threads...

    4) More real estate dedicated to videos.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2009
  12. Plumber

    Plumber Well-Known Member

    I am here.
    I am a Plumber, duh.
    Been flying for few years.
    I have
    An Extreme flight extra 300 50cc, that has been through at least 5 crashes and still going strong.
    An Extreme flight yak 110" 100cc, been flying that for about a month.
    I am using a Futaba 9C.
    I have some foam and small electrics, also.
  13. Fred

    Fred Well-Known Member

    H9 35% Extra and a bunch of sailplanes.
  14. ottrod

    ottrod Well-Known Member

    Checking in from Wichita, KS - I currently fly a Wild Hare 28% Edge 540T, Aeroworks 1.20 Yak 54, Hangar9 Funtana S90 and Fancy Foam Extra.

    Looking forward to an Aeroworks 100 or 150cc Edge!

    Thanks to all who keep this site going!!!

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2009
  15. still4given

    still4given Sky Pilot

    I check in pretty much every day. Live in Victorville and belong to the Victor Valley RC Flyers. (VVRCF) I fly mostly glow but do fly foam 3D. I've been to 2 Rabbit bashes. Good people.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the cuss filter turned back on.

    Blessings, Terry
  16. posterboard

    posterboard The Plane Mender

    Time to check in I guess.
    -I delete more than I post.
    -I can't land so I build.
    -I shop at Showtimes
    -I WILL build for beer.

    Best events:
    -El Centro
    -Las Vagas

    Sponsored by:
    -Neal's money laundering
    -Brian's hobby trailer
    -Mike's E1 service calls
    -Tim's TVH dumpster diving
    -Horizon's service department

    Thanks Ken for keeping the zoo alive!
  17. extrabob

    extrabob Member

    Hi add 1 more to the list. Thanks for keeping the site together.
    The Rabbit fly in was a blast !!
    Thanks Showtime !!!!

    42% Aeroworks Extra That may be better than SEX
    Thanks again J Benson
    for all the help. !!!
  18. edgeman55

    edgeman55 Well-Known Member

    I'm a high desert dweller too but in North Nevada just east of Carson City were the air is clean,no traffic and homes get cheaper every day.
    My fleet:
    3D Hohooby Shop 87" 300SP/DA50
    Aerotech 50cc Python/DA 50
    Pacific Aeromodeler Monocoupe/DL30.
    Ultrastick 120 Lite/BH G-26
    94" Zero kit built/Bh G-62
    Fly JR 10X on old school 72 mghz.
    Thanks Jimmy Dean love your sausage!That be the kind you eat from da pig.
  19. mxwrench

    mxwrench Well-Known Member

    Hi desert (hopefuly Alaska bound soon!)

    H9 Carden yak 89"
    Align Trex700N

    Soon RC Extreme Sbach342 30%
  20. ultimatejay

    ultimatejay Well-Known Member

    Ultimatejay's in the hizzy.
    SoCal flier
    42.5% AW ultimate
    2 Dalton 40% 260's
    102 QQ yak

    3d and very little precision

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