Roll Call...



EF 110, and ummmmm EF 110.

I'd like to see more nor-cal guys. Even a nor-cal "event" or two would be nice.

I only have a problem with Fairlane's humor. (and his flying but that's a whole nother thread)

Oh yeah and big thanks to JD for keeping the circus alive.

Rod Bender

Team Flying Circus
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Hey everyone...
I'm curious to see how many active members we have across the globe.

Let us know who and where you are, what you fly, and what you'd like to see. And yes I hope to have the CIRCUS gear (hats, shirts, and maybe sweatshirts) available soon.
Active, daily, hourly, whenever I can. Swansboro\Placerville CA

Comp Arf Extra 300 DA100

AeroWorks Extra 260 DA 85

Carl Goldberg Edge DA 50

AeroWorks Yak YS110

Charger CR-1


I'd like to see more 'how to' video's on set up, trimming out, and fine tuning your planes surfaces like the 1 from Show & Smokin Joe

More member photo's in their own profile so we know who you are when we see you at events, in video's, or at the field...

Bring on the Circus Shwag !! It will sell !!


50%s speedbuilding school
Norcal fog......
EF 110 Yak
EF 88 Extra
80"dragonfly on floats
Sundry electrics and gliders.
congrats JD!

Dr. Jekyll

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Dr. Jekyll in the house, congrats bro, lets do some cool stuff.


Micro Sukhoi
Wind up free flight
paper airplane
Paper airplane (custum art work)


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40% ZN-Line Extra 330
35% Comp-Arf Extra 330
35% OMP Yak-55 (on the way)
Krill Spark F3A with Neu 1515/3D electric
Extreme Flight 74in Yak-54 W/Neu 1515/3D electric
several more smaller birds

San Diego


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Here in the outback OZ
Where we farm dust and send it to the city folks so they do not foget us :D



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Here,.......I actually enjoy the "stand-up".......Buttface for President, or at least comedy czar. GS planes and funny shizz, a recipe for success IMO.


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Sacramento, Ca

Planebender products
JR forever
DA Engines till hell freezes
Pilot RC Airplanes
Chief Aircraft support

I would like to see fresh prespectives. Congrats Ken!



loops and rolls
Hi Guys
Im on daily In the downunder thread mostly and i fly
43% Edge DA150.
and a few small glow planes:) Soon to be gassers:)

p.s Count me in!!
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Aerial Buffoonery

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Count me in!
35% Aeroworks Extra 260
78" Extreme Flight Extra 300
60" Fliton Extra 330
DW Foamies & FUTABA Forever!
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Checking In.

So Cal flyer.

Can't believe I'm flying one of the 3M Compy flag schemes from the First Cirkus Throwdown (Planebender built) along with some 35% Extras and a Yak + lots of misc stuff.

Would like to see more gatherings, could be semi-organized get togethers.

Product suggestion for Planebender Products: Make duplicates of that awesome pilot with the landscape reflection on the visor. Will be a hot seller (assuming it's affordable).

And thanks to JD Ken for keeping the Circus alive.


The Touch n Go King
bundy is in
i live in Sydney Australia and is lucky enough to fly with the 2 great men Wiffy and BigTez and not to mention whiteknuckles as well
my shed is too full of planes to write them all ive been flying for 20 years now
that makes me sound old but im only 33 :)
only just started flying gassers thanks to wiffy

53 cc yak 55 Red bull
26 cc cessna 206
plus a recent addition a SCANNER and it flys gr8
plus heaps more nitro
and some electric stuff too

it would be great to have some circus gear here in aus like shirts and hats and stickers and patches and stuff but PLEASE REMEMBER when making all this stuf that all of us are not skinny :( im a big boy 6XL

maybe some of you americans could come down under


Plank Junky
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Funboy Checking in.

NOR CO flyer. Soloed when I was 12, got into glow when I was 14, electrics when I was 24, got into slope when I was 26, and Gas when I was 31.

I would like to see... more. We lost a lot when the old Cirkus fragged (twice). It would be nice to have the old TFC vids posted ON site and 3DU expanded. I know it's a lot of work, but I think it will attract more traffic. Real coverage of local and national events. Greater presence all around.

More product reviews. More builds (or set ups). Hot chicks with planes- wallpaper is good! DOD is dead and gone, but it was very successful before Joe sold it out. Ask Show how he operated. I don't want to offend the princess, but boys will be boys, and scantily clad women are a part of life lol. Wave $100 in front of a hottie and tell her you want her to do a 2 hour shoot and she will practically jump into your lap if you do it right.

35% FiberClassics Extra 300 DA-100 IMAC mount
35% DR hobbies Extra 330L DA-100 Freestyle steed
Hyperion 25E Su, and 10E Extra
other small electrics
Bridi KAOS
Model Tech Magic
Piles of other tired glow junk.
A couple antique collectibles.
JR 8103 and my old trusty 388X!
I'm a servo whore- mostly HITEC with some old 8411's.
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G.A.S.S Chief UAV Pilot
i'm here and interested .i fly everyone elses plane
hey are you that other rent a pilot in australia :exercise4:


40% YAK DA 150 thats had a hard life circus style.
any thing else is erelivent foam or 40% lol
i live love 3d ,,
cheers glen
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pıdnʇs ɹǝpunuʍop
****,,,should have grabbed that number at the counter,,PRESENT,,nice color that


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I'm in, Northern LA county, Lake Balboa CA. ( Used to be West Van Nuys )
Too many toys to list, RC Business.