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Discussion in 'Events' started by Jimmy Dean, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone...
    Man, this is great and I'm excited to be part of all of this. I'm curious to see how many active members we have across the globe. Everyone PLEASE chime in only ONCE!
    Let us know who and where you are, what you fly, and what you'd like to see. And yes I hope to have the CIRCUS gear (hats, shirts, and maybe sweatshirts) available soon.
    Also I'd like to thank Showtime for everything he has done to start and keep this going. There is alot more involved that I ever thought . Thanks to the team behind the scenes that keep the site functioning on a day to day basis.


  2. TManiaci

    TManiaci Engineer Lifetime Supporter


    I have no life (hobby-wise)... I should be flying!... but Nooooo, I'm working again. Ugh!

    37.5% TT TOC Yak, 3W157CS, Powerbox Royal
    86" QQ Yak, DA50R
    4 Foamies, Charger and DW Foamies from 38" to 55".
    Fusion Nitro, Saito 72
    3 small Electrics, Fliton Mini Edge & Mini Funtana & Multiplex Magister
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  3. wanabflyin79

    wanabflyin79 Well-Known Member

    Present! In the Air Force, live near Sac, but looking to move further south soon! I fly a Hanger 9 Extra 260 27% and a Great Planes Ultimate 1.20. Or at least I try to fly them. have some other glow stuff as well.

    What I would like to see.... More build threads, actually repair threads would be better. As I am still new to the larger planes seeing how some stuff is repaired would be cool. I would like to see some TFC gear. If not I may have to go have it made myself!

    Thanks Jimmy Dean for stepping up to the challange that is TFC. We are a Family here and I am glad that it is staying alive.

  4. kaveman

    kaveman Well-Known Member

    her with weazel a cubbster
    hanging in
  5. david010567

    david010567 aka Schlawiener

    FOG here!
  6. whitenuckels

    whitenuckels Well-Known Member

    Hi Im here :)
  7. red

    red Well-Known Member

  8. dai2dai996

    dai2dai996 New Member

    I'm here,

    Home field is up here at Rabbit Dry Lake where me and my son fly on weekends. I don't post much but do check in just about every day. I love the site as there is a lot of good info. Am looking into either 30% or 35% for 3D fun. Here's my stuff:

    Byron AT-6
    CG Ultimate
    Stinger 120
    Stinger 40
    Stinger 10
    TF P-51
    GP Extra 300SP GP/EP
    HOB AT-6
    CG Cub
    CR-1 Foamy
    Tech-One Foamy
  9. In-N-Out

    In-N-Out previously Cowlhead

    here... In-N-Out formerlly Cowlhead.

    1/3 scale cub (to be finished soon)
    Mystery 35%r that will be here in awhile
    Mystery 40% plane that I am working on

    Work work work + newborn = no time to fly

    Recently picked up a HPI 1/5 scale 5t ( r/c truck) I will post pictures soon... this thing is a blast.
  10. gra95770

    gra95770 Well-Known Member

    Inverloch Australia
    Dietrich 50cc DA
    Wild Hare 2.6 106cc 3W
    Pilot-RC 107" 100cc DA
    Great Planes Stick 80" 160 OS
    Great Planes Stick 26cc RCGF
  11. Steppenwolf

    Steppenwolf FOM SR.


    Job - What's that?
    Planes - with one or both wings, never mind that's Barry...
    Flying - 41% 35% 33% 20% 10% 5% 1% foam 2x4s 4x8s anything that catches air

  12. 50%plane

    50%plane addicted

    East coast hucker here,

    Working hard in the USAF, but should maiden my 35% Giles soon.... Just bought a truck, so 40% is next... building a lot of Foam too, Extreme Flight 78" Extra is also on my list...

    I enjoy TFC a lot, and I look foward to this great site continuing to get better and better!
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  13. calypso

    calypso Well-Known Member

    South Orange Co.

    73" Magic Hand Yak, OS160
    97" TOC Extreme Extra 260, DA85
    70" Hanno Prettner Calypso - YS61LS
    39" Elec. Mustang
  14. 67fairlane

    67fairlane Well-Known Member

    I'm here as well

    37.5 pilot rc yak with da 150
    40% pilot rc extra 300 da 150 on ks95 canisters
    foam junk
    percision aerobatics ultimate pos
    omp edge 540 profile with spe43 gas engine...3d bitch

    would like to see more member videos, how to videos and set-up vids
  15. 1BWANA1

    1BWANA1 Senior member

    Here! Thanks for having the ambition to take over the Circus, and keeping our web home alive.
  16. foamer1

    foamer1 Member

  17. Ground Pounder

    Ground Pounder Well-Known Member

    I'm in. Sacramento, JR, DA, 35%, 40%.
  18. Dean Bird

    Dean Bird Lifetime Supporter

    Dean Bird
    Phoenix, AZ
    IMAC - AeroWorks 42% Extra with DA 170, MTW RE-3's, and 3-blade prop
    I'd like to see the video "Download" link work since the videos are just a green screen for me.

    All spot on. The things that made Flying Circus the greatest thing back then.
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  19. Lawndart

    Lawndart Active Member

    sometimes .....
    just a hi-desert FOG that uses gas more and more.
  20. grimmpaul

    grimmpaul forget about it

    I'm here I'd like to see less politics and standup comedy that you wouldn't want your wife or kids to read. Humor is good but its gone downhill. More of what made this site great. Also more events would be cool.

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