Reworked 3w Sneak Peak


The Plane Mender
Well, I'm happy to report that the reworked 3W is complete! I can't believe all the little things that need to be done for that first flight. I ended up removing and replacing the canopy tabs on the fuse due to misalignment and reamed out screw holes. Too many other issues to list but she's ready for her maiden this weekend. I'll post pictures of the finished plane later. Time to fly! Oh yea, the final weight ended up at 42lbs.


Sack Up
Well, like my dad said, the 3w yak is done and it has flown. I put 2 flights on it yesterday and I am already very impressed with the power of the 3w 170 on cans. I can't wait to get this plane dialed in.

Also, a side this project is now complete, my dad must turn his attention to his 50th b-day gift he received last night. 1/3 scale Clipped Wing Cub!



The Plane Mender
It looks even better in the air. Bottom is all white with black stripes on the wings and stabs. It was Tim Longs design though, I just finished it.


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Very nice plane! Nice job Corky, but where is the Transformer pilot bust and the sweet stickers of some kid picking his nose?? haha
I can not wait to come home for Thanksgiving and go flying again.


The Plane Mender
Chase, let us know when you'll be back in town and we'll plan a little shindig out at the field. Wait until you see my new plane. It's a 1/3 scale Cub. I got it for my 50th B-day!