Revy's 2.6m Comp ARF Edge 540


What stuff? I don't do FB because it's a serious security breech where personal and professional info is concerned.
I saw his SBach and his Ultimate for sale on there. Then there was a post about there being an "End Of An Era." I sure hope he changes his mind, he's a lot of fun to have around here and has a beautiful field to fly at up there.


K, letsgo!!
Hey guys. It'll be all good. Taking care of some important stuff with family. They come first. I'll need some scratch as well for the newest edition to the hangar. ;)

Rusty, I don't want to ship the Ulti because I won't trust the packaging getting tossed around by some underpaid shipping personnel. I'll meet someone reasonably half way though!


K, letsgo!!
Since I haven't really worked since my verckleptness, I need to sell them to get the new THMX. Fact of life, sometimes you gotta sacrifice good schtuff!;)

Good news is the Smart-Fly checked out and got a new rail on the one side. The servos, RX and satellites are good to go too. All of which are on their way back. Horizon's bill was $0!:thumbsup:

Hope the DA is in good order. I know I'll be buyin' a new iggy.


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I just got my funding for the Revy trip. Sold my Pilot Yak with a DA150 RTF for 3K and some freebies thrown in. All good stuff in it.