Revy's 2.6m Comp ARF Edge 540


K, letsgo!!
My Pete McLeod schemed Edge broke out of the molds last week and will be coming over on the next slow boat. I am hoping for an early December delivery date. Ray Labonte is my rep and is top-notch in my books. He'll go out of his way to help you out.:thumbsup:

Here is a list of equipment I have put together over the past few weeks.

DA 120 w/ RE2's√
DA fuel dots√
Mejzlik 29x10 and 5" CF spinner
JR DS8917HV, DS8911HV x2 and DS8711HV's x4 √
Smart-Fly EQ6 Turbo √
A123 Racing 2300mAh x 3 √
BoomaR/C Intelli-switches √
WhiteRose 4-3/4" Five spoke wheels √
J+J CF dd tailwheel √
SWB turnbuckles, HD ball links and arms (1.5" halfs x4, 3"+4.5" full with tensioners) √
PSP Fiji water bottle kit x2 √
MPI Twisted extensions √
TME smoke pump √
Blazing Star goodness √
Kirby's Kustom vinyl
CF and Kevlar 3K cloth √

Most of the list is on it's way. The only arrival so far has been the batteries. I'll pick up a JR 9503 Tx this Friday√ as well. I know I've gone overkill with the EQ6 and HV servos. Trying out an extended life for the reduced voltage theory. Set @ 6.5v, I think I'll have a little more headroom rather than maxing out a servo's capabilities.

Hurry up n wait sucks.:D


K, letsgo!!
Ya, now you tell me. It came in last week. Nice unit. Should see more of that list arrive this week. The girls at the post office are already on to me when they see this much show up. "Another plane?"

Just got my 9503 from Lester. It is a little different than my DX7 although it shares a common feel. Essentially the bigger brother with more features and a better case. Programming is a bit of a chore to learn but after a couple evenings, I got the jist of it.

Hell ya, I want ya there for the maiden!;)


K, letsgo!!
A little over $300 shipped for the complete set. Wings, tail and prop. Not bad for custom work. That's a lot of labor on a sewing machine.;)

A single color set like that (wings+ele+rudd) is $150. Just the two wing bags is like a $100. The custom work was well worth it. My S'bachs first set of AW 30% that didn't fit cost me $150 the RC Armor's that did were almost $200 shipped. The Revoc's are bargain if you asked me.


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Damn!! You've been holding out, I had no idea you had this on the go. Cool!


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I can't do anything to the trailer until spring as it is much to cold to paint outside and it would never fit into my garage as I only have a 7' door. I spent the last week turning a room downstairs into a hobby room. I am tired of building in the laundry room on top of the washer and dryer.
It was a fair bit of work as I had to out up some drywall first, tape n mud. I will be finished with the paint today and can put my workbench together tomorrow. I bought a sheet of 3/4" G1S for the bench.

Nick Milligan

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Nice bags Revy!
I think I am going to save some pennies for a set of my own.
But speaking of trailers, I bought a 7x14 footer the other day.
Wing baggies are going to have to wait a while:biggrin: