Redo - Photo of the Month of November 2017

Which is the favorite of yours?

  • kwilson - Patty Wagstaff's ride

  • kwilson - Huckoween

  • thepamster - post #4

  • thepamster - post #5

  • thepamster - post #6

  • RTK - Grumman Tiger

  • Richard Gee - Bud Nosen Gere Sport biplane

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Greetings flyers

Please enter your RC photos here and on Oct 31st, I'll put up a poll for voting on the Photo of the Month.

The photo will appear in the header section of the forum, and on the cover TFC Facebook page.

So, dazzle us with your photos!


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Not RC, but we just got back from DC where we stopped in at the Air and Space museum. This is Patty Wagstaff's ride when she became the first female US National Aerobatic Champion in 1991.



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Here is my Bud Nosen Gere Sport biplane. Built from an original Nosen kit, it is powered by a RotoMotors 85cc inline twin 4 stroke. 44% scale size. 8ft. span. Printers plate used to cover the nose area. A JOY to fly.