Red Aero 100cc MX2


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Wow, Gary Ward, Kenny Rogers, big foot and a midget in a greenE shirt all in the same frame...Only at Joe Nall...

Who could ever guess...???


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been on the "Ring of Fire" tour this summer in the RV.....Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho......glad to be back in nice thick,clear,humid air! Maybe there will be a MX2 siteing at HOW.....????


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She was good while she lasted! I dumb thumbed it in the other day.....
She had a DA85, Graavy custom aluminum motor mount, 7955TG's all around, alum servo arms, and servo extensions, optical eng kill........flew light and foam light. The DA85 with pitts muffler, wings, lg, tube, batteries, switches are all good, really just needs a fuse but I've moved on....

I'll let it go with fueling tank, cellpro a123 chargers, what ever spares I have (few hunderd dollars woth of fittings, wheels, ets) for $1100

pick up in Pensacola FL or I'll deliver to SEFF next week


see classifieds!
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