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Cover shot, MA 10/09!!!
Hey folks! I'm back in these parts of the woods. There have been some life altering things happen in my life, the past 2 years, in which I will elaborate on in another thread.

New, from TailDraggerRC........... The all new and improved RCGF 120! Very comparable in power to the DA 120 on the same prop, my RCGF is within 150 R's of my DA 120, when I had it, a Falcon 29x9. I have the RCGF mounted on my 2nd Red Aero RC Corvus 108" wing.

To start with, first impressions.... The RCGF is a cast case, with CNC machining on the inside, along with the outside. With me, having a Machining background, I would like to see RCGF take a .002" finish pass over the crankcase assembled, no guts. The induction system is very DLE 111 esque, V1/2. So, I know it works.

It has your typical DLE/EME/DLA type cylinders, with open piston, with a single piston ring. Compression is typically around the 8:1 ratio. I have not checked what the ring gap is.

Standard chinese mufflers with the RCGF branded ignition. Comes with very short stand offs, all bolts, spark plugs and even a prop drill jig!

It uses your typical 120cc props, 27x11 to 29x9.

Now, onto the fun stuff! Running and flying! 1st run/flight always seems to be the roughest.... For me, this one was. Started this new 120, started good, rather easy, might I add. Idled really good, transition was spot on, and top end sounded really good! Better than any other engine I have done 1st starts on. Take off, and first thing that I need to do is listen to the engine, as to how it runs upstairs. Sounds good, mid throttle half roll, no mid range issues. Next thing is to start getting heat cycles into it, and let it cool off. Some vertical uplines, and long slow down lines, and then it happened. Come out of a hammerhead, leveled out, throttled up and it stopped. It just didn't quit. It stopped, and stopped right now. No sign, no warning. Typical dead stick landing for me. I noticed that the prop wasn't flopping over, with the fwd momentum. So, I'm thinking, great. Sure as I thought, locked up tighter than a snare drum.

Well, time for that ultra nice, 2 year, no nonsense, no bull warranty to come into effect. I emailed Joe Nelson of RCGF USA, in AZ. Let him know what went on, this, that an the other. He said, to send it in, and he will turn it around for me. There were a couple of family unforseen circumstances come about for him, while my engine was in for service, and it took 3 weeks to get my engine back. Regardless of the time frame, my engine is back, and as of Sat, July 30th, I have 20'ish flights on it, nearly 4 gallons of juice-o-hol thru it. I will put this engine up against any other China branded engine out there. Despite it being 150R's short of my previous DA 120, this has yet to quit on me, uncommanded. I can find those last 150 or more R's in this thing, with a small tweek of that H twisty thingie. I'm currently at 6450 on a Falcon 29x9. My DA 120 was a smidge over 6600 on the same prop. Big deal.

Retail price is $640 or so.... If you need a new engine, don't over look the RCGF line. I remember when RCGF first come around some 15 years ago. They werent very well built, QC was virtually non existant and they did not have very much power. They have certainly wiped the slate clean with this one!

Pics coming from my phone, since I'm on a laptop right now.


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Well I for 1 have the RCGF 45 and it has been a great engine for me
I recently lost a RCGF 60 do to radio failure and I think that engine had
More power than a G62 I’m sold on these engines thier reliable,afordable
You don’t have to spend last years savings to buy an engine