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Discussion in 'General Plane Discussion' started by Cerus98, May 2, 2016.

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    Well after a couple year hiatus I'm getting ready to start flying again. Yay!

    I'm going to switch over my 33% Extra to A123s from Hangtime and after pouring through countless threads on the subject, I'm still very confused. I may eventually get a higher powered electric in the 4-6s range so I've pretty much settled on a PL6 but I'm not sure what extras I'll need to charge the A123s and the few e-flite LiPos I have now.

    I'd like to be able to charge the e-flites with the PL6 rather than the little dinky chargers that came with the foamies. 1s, 2s LiPos with single connections and some 3s with dual leads. Would be nice to be able to parallel charge these LiPos.

    I'll also be charging the A123s via the combo switch but I'm not sure which adaptor cable I'll need to connect to the PL6. I assumed I'd need the combo solution charge cord but the other single connection cord he sells has an option for the FMA power labs. I'm a bit confused since the PL manual says it can't charge with just the balance lead.

    I know I'll need an adaptor board of some kind and/or a paraboard. Would the paraboards also serve as an adaptor to charge the A123s and would it also be capable of charging the little 1s LiPos?

    Thanks all - it's good to be back on the flight line again. :)

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