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Some of you may know me from my old screen name topflight36. For the ones that do not my name is Tom and my father (Dave) and I own Plane Addicts RC. We specilize in giant scale plane parts.

Our company searches for great products at a price that can get you in the air for less. However we are not your typically junky rc dealer. One of the things we are very proud of is that we fly what we sell.

If it is not good enough for our planes its not good enough for yours.

This thread will be for support of all of our products. So if you have a question please feel free to ask away.

You can always contact us at

[email protected]
or you can shoot me a pm.


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Here is some info on our Power HD line off another Power HD forum that I help the guys out on.

Power HD -1501 MG
-Uses FUTABA arms.
-Operating Speed: 0.16/0.14 sec/60°
-Stall Torque: 215oz-in. at 4.8v, 236 oz-in. at 6.0v
-Dimensions: 40.7x20.5x39.5 mm
-Weight: 60(g)
-Operating Voltage: 4.8/6.0

Power Hd -9150 Metal Gear
-HD-9150MG 222oz Digital servo with universal connector.
-Uses FUTABA arms.
-Operating Speed: 0.20/0.18 sec/60°
-Stall Torque: 180.5oz-in. at 4.8v, 222.2oz-in. at 6.0v,
-Dimensions: 40.6x20.1x42.2 mm
-Weight: 61 (g)
-Operating Voltage: 4.8v-6.0v

Power HD 8325HV
-Uses FUTABA arms.
-Titanium Gear
-Coreless Motor
-Dual Ball bearings
-Operating Speed: 0.145/0.118 sec/60°
-Stall Torque: 347 oz-in. at 6v, 430 -in. at 8.5,
-Dimensions: 40x20x45mm
-Weight: 79 (g)
-Operating Voltage: 6v-8.5v

Servo arms that work

(all are Futaba spline)

Miricle arms
SWB arms
MPI arms
Tower metal arms
Horizon metal arms
Secraft arms
Spoton arms

Arms we have found that are not a good match.

AirWild arms- Geojungle informed up that the AirWild arms are super tight and that they will give you problems getting them off if you need to do so. He also said that when you thighten the arm down it bottoms out again the servo. So all in all these arms are got a good match for the servos. Thanks George for you feed back.


All servos unless marked by an HV marking are not ment to be used with high voltage batteries.

6v batteries that you can use on these servos include

A123 (life)

small electric:




Normal Size Servos


All the servos listed above have been tested by someone that has taken the time to give feedback to both the forum and myself. As we hear back on servos I will add them to the list.


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JC Engines

JC Engines 30cc
Engine specs :

-Engine type : 2—Stroke gasoline engine Displacement:30cc

-Bore × Stroke: 36mm × 30mm park plug:

-NGK CM6 or JC CM6

-Carburetor: Walbro special-designing vacuum pump diaphragm type duplex needle carburetor

-Max power : 4.0hp/9000rpm Practical running speed : 1100 - 9000rpm Net

-Weight : 1100g (incoulding CDI and muffler)

-Ignition system : CDI battery ignition (battery voltage: 4.8v—6v)

-oil ratio : 25-30:1 used during the break-in (the initial 2 working hours); 35-40:1 used after the break-in.

-prop size : 18*8, 18*10, 19*8, 19*10

-3 yr warranty

Jc 60 evo
Engine Parameter:

- Engine type : 2—Stroke gasoline engine Displacement:60cc Bore × Stroke: 45mm × 38mm

- spark plug: NGK CM6 or JC CM6

- Carburetor: Walbro special-designing vacuum pump diaphragm type duplex needle carburetor

- Max power : 6.0hp/7500rpm Practical running speed : 1100 - 7500rpm

- Net Weight :1740g (incoulding CDI and muffler)

- Engine:1440g, pitts:180g, Ignition:120g, Ignition system : CDI battery ignition (battery voltage: 4.8v—6v)

- oil ratio : 25-30:1 used during the break-in (the initial 2 working hours); 35-40:1 used after the break-in.

- prop Chart : 23*8, 23*10, 24*8, 24*10, 25*8

- Pitts style muffler

- 3 year warrenty

120 coming soon.

Motor prices are promotion prices and will include free shipping



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The YD-A motor is an older motor that we carried. I still have a few left. I believe Dave is going to give me a sale price on these. That HP rating is a spec from the old distributor of the YD-A line. I am not sure where he got it from lol.

I personnally own all three that I have listed. The 30,60 and 120 lol. I can tell you that I am very happy with them all. The 120 is in prototyping right now and should be a winner when released.

RPM example

the 30cc on a JC super prop 20x7 prop was tached at 6700 rpm. I know someone that has a DLE 30 throwing that prop at 6300-6400.

I have yet to tach my 60cc but I am ripping a 23x8 carbon that I put on it for break in.

BTW guys we are taking care of the warranty here at our shop so there is no sending it back to the factory to get the work done.:thumbsup:


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No problem I am hoping to get some video for you guys soon. The rain has hampered the flying season here in my area of Florida a good bit lol.


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I am about 45min north of Tampa. I may just make it to the next one :biggrin:. I need to brush up on my 3d first I have gotten into IMAC big time this year lol and have not played around at all with 3d. But I got a few new motors to play with so I am sure that I will be getting back into it.


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Well guys I should have some video of the 60 soon if the rain will ever go away. I just re-did all the cleves on my pitts s-12 so the fly wires dont come off in flight any more:yikes:. So hopefully I will get to fly it some this weekend.