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Hey guys many of you may know me under my personal screen name topflight36. For the ones that do not know me my name is Tom and my father (Dave) and I own Plane Addicts RC.

We specilize in giant scale parts and accessories that help people get into larger planes more affordably. However, we are not your typically junky rc company in fact we are just the oposite we search for great products at an affordable price.

One thing that we pride ourself of is the fact that we fly what we sell. If you have a question about any of our product please let us know.

You can alway contact us at

Radio Control Plane Parts/Accessories from 42% Products, Power Expander, RC airplane, MPI, Maxx, Fisher Fuel, R/C Helmet Head Pilots and more.
[email protected]
or call 352-346-2609



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Another great example of innovation, I am glad to find it. There are so many developers working on this segment but this is one of the best innovative idea ever. Thanks for sharing it here.