Pilot 37% Edge (second Edge assembly thread)


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Doug! Doug! Doug! Your'e the only one I know who is afflicted more then I am.

I hope You took your wife to her favorite Restaurant and not yours.

Since you have long winters you need to look into a break in stand. May I suggest an RC Snow Blower with an adjustible motor mount. That way you can break in all your engines and clear your driveway from your living room window.:thumbsup:


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Tom funny you mention that. When I test ran my 222 in the garage I had the door up about two feet. It had just snowed and it cleared the area in front of the garage. My neighbor wanted to know if I could do the driveway for him.

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Not quite, needs to be a better deflector blade design to push to the sides instead of straight ahead, decreasing the burden in front of the plow. Split the blower to work two sides on demand instead of one. There's serious money in such a design, especially if it could be programmed to handle a specific stretch of road and combine with other units to cover extensive road lengths.

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I can't believe you said that.......

I have to have a larger pair made up to replace the G-Shock text on the sides of the Edge.


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this guy works as fast as TOM. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaotIR0nMW4&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL]construction of a nieuport 28.avi - YouTube[/ame]

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Uses similar safety equipment for reaching high places too:)

Seriously folks, since this plane arrived I've been out of the country once and on the east coast twice, and now at home for the Christmas holidays. There's another trip out of town set for the second week of the new year, and one more after that. Those trips usually last a couple weeks per. When you get back you have to put out the fires that ignited while you were out of town. I need to be back at the plane long enough to develop a rythym to get it done. That's why I'm calling the completion for early Spring.


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Fine then, I guess I'll just have to do it while you're off trotting around the globe. Just like everything else while you're out suffering in those tropical hellholes. :biggrin: