Pilot 26% 78" Edge 540 V3 Hamilton


K, letsgo!!
Not exactly a giant, but I bit the bullet and pre-paid for mine at AMR even though it is just getting put into a container for it's journey on a slow boat. Already got some good stuff for it from Pro-RC. There is a thread on a dual build of a pair of 35cc elsewhere Tom posted that I'm paying attention to. I'm going with a separate iggy battery though.

26% Edge

Savox 1258TG x 4 ele/ail
Savox 1231SG rudder
Savox 1257TG throttle
Leopard Power 1450mAh LiFe ign
Leopard Power 2100mAh LiFe rx
Rcexl Opto kill
SWB 1.5" half arms x 4
SWB 3" full offset arm
Dual HD switch

Falcon 20x8 Laminated

Getting excited, but I gotta wait for that slow boat to arrive!



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I am not sure which is more cool, that prop, or a Wahoo sighting. A blast from the past for sure.


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I haven't flown the 35cc class but if I get another gasser, I will probably go that size. I cannot store a trailer at my house per HOA and there's not room in the garage so I put a soft tonneau cover on my truck 6 months ago. It's been a great compromise and a 35cc would fit underneath it no problem so I can keep it out of the wind and weather.


K, letsgo!!
This is definitely a tweener. We moved to a house without a basement, only a crawlspace. It had to fit in my shed and anything larger wouldn't fit among all my wood working tools, seasonal storage bins and the other aircraft including a 20cc. My build table will be outside of said shed so it will be a fair weather assembly, lol. As for transport to and from, my '09 Escape is big enough to haul a 50cc.


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Very cool! I just got a crack Pitts and love it. I have a crack Yak that has had the absolute sh!t beaten out of it and was ready for a new one. Who would have thought you could get over $200 wrapped up in a foamy?! So worth it though. I got the digital servos power package, carbon fiber upgrade kit, etc.
Awesome flyer as I am sure you Edge will be!


K, letsgo!!
Dunno how it flies yet, K-dub...weather has sucked for a 5.5oz foamie and when it hasn't it's been priorities (or I've had a few beers). So far it has been a PITA.

My fault for not going with the TW power package and thinking I'd be fine re-using stuff. Tried to use my old Hacker A10-5s, but after powering it up mounted in the airframe on Hacker's fiberglass mount (perfect fit, btw) with a prop, it screamed in agony. Bearing or shaft issue that didn't present itself when I set everything up before install. So I caved and got the Twisted Hobbies 2203-1800Kv and cut out the Hacker mount for the TW supplied one. Plen-tyy of power! I guess I have flown it, kind of.

As for reusing stuff, I had some Eflite S75's kicking around from a buddies relatively new foam Cub that he gave me when he got out of the hobby. All seemed good until one had a load on it. Ailerons wouldn't center...spazing out and fluttering. Replaced the ail servo with a new S75. All is good now. Fixt this thing twice so far. Tough lil bugger too.

You're right when you say you can dump a lot into this lil thing. Learned a lesson or two in the process. :confused:


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(or I've had a few beers)
That's the best time to fly them!!:D
Yeah I learned the hard way about reusing stuff that might work, or fits pretty close, or should be adequate. Best just to buy what works best and be done with it...live and learn.


K, letsgo!!
F'n Eh! Two months and it finally f'n shipped! AMR sent the shipment notification this morning. Should be here in my hands early next week. Woo Hooo!!

Oh, and ya, that lil fk'r is pretty kewl, K-W. Getting rid of the cobwebs with it now! ;)


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Yes!! I picked it up this morning!! Have to still go through it after I clear some projects off the table, so far so good damage wise. IMG_0047.JPG


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Pilot needs to work on a proper manual for this bird. Parts bag is a guessing game for some of it. The generic manual sucks.
First up was installing the rudder and control arms. The tail wheel spring setup is not ideal but it seems to work. Time will tell if I need to spend further time with it later. Nice wheel but needs work, imho.
Main gear, wheels and wheel pants installs just like any other. Cut off the excess thread from the axle too.
Pull pull is a combination of 3mm ball links at the rudder and SWB’s 4-40 at the servo. They give plenty of cable to work with. All hardware is metric, good thing I got the metric SWB 1.5” arms. IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0054.JPGIMG_0056.JPGIMG_0057.JPG


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Wing bags. Come to realize that I have to get some ASAP. Any recommendations? Wondering if a 50cc set would be the best for the tips which add another three inches.


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Tight tolerances is my issue between the cowl and cooling fins.IMG_0068.JPG

Also with the muffler and motor box.

Where and what to trim?


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Motor box got a subtle trim to accommodate the muffler.

Throttle and choke linkages set up like my old 50cc SBach. Fuel line hole location is close to where it should be.

Cowl opened up. Didn’t need much to get the cylinder head to clear. Exhaust exit location found by using a flashlight and then gradually opening up. Spinner lines up almost perfectly.
View attachment 71026

Now to clean up and finish the motor box and button everything up with loctite.
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Does anybody use a Pilot gas tank? Just scrutiny is all. Looks similar to the Fiji bottle setup I had before but worried that these “factory” tanks might leak.

One change I’m making is that I’m going to use an IBEC and swapping out the 2100 mAh (can’t find another) to have a second 1450. The dual 1450’s should be enough, fingers crossed.