Pe Reivers


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Based on nothing more than his online posts and avitar pic, I didn't realize his age and assumed he was much younger..... He was much too young to leave us and will be sadly missed. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

RIP Mr Reivers !!



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He passed doing the things he loved. In his workshop at his workbench (where his wife found him)- likely a very sudden heart attack.
He was as much of a gentleman face to face as he was on the forums.
He will be very greatly missed by a great many of us for many reasons - May his vast and often shared knowledge live on forever.

(How many of you ever realised that his avatar pic actually had 2 engines being observed in it? - I didn't until he pointed it out to me a while back).


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I noticed the engine exam in his avatar and have many times wondered what they were and what Pe was thinking about as he looked them over. He surely will be missed.


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I can't say what he was thinking but the engines in that pic are a Cox .049 and a 5 cylinder Moki radial.


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I have some insight into it. He told me this last year. We took a photo of Pe and I both looking at an empty glass of wine - it was intended to be a pisstake of his avatar photo (two engineers looking at an empty wineglass and wondering what to do about it - as he said in his sig line - you can always tell an engineer but you can't tell him much) - it was actually Pe's idea to do that photo and he got the idea because it was shortly after Buttface did some photoshopping involving the monkey and Pe's avatar photo (Pe told me that he actually really enjoyed the joking around on this site) .
Anyway - in the process of taking that photo, he told me the story of his avatar. Whilst many know he was probably the most prominent MVVS dealer, He was also a Moki Dealer (as well as a couple of other brands). That was the first Big Moki he ever had in his hands and it wasn't log after they got released (it was quite an old photo). He put the small engine there just for fun to see if anyone realised it was there.

He had a sense of humor that didn't necessarily show in his forum wording. He is sadly missed for his knowledge, his humble way of sharing it (He always said that the only reason he has his knowledge is because others shared theirs with him) and his direct approach to questions.

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Pe was one of the truly great people in the hobby. I had been conversing with him behind the scenes since about 2004 trying to work through different engine performance and longevity subjects. He was always open to a countering concept and had no reluctance to try something different to determine the effects of those differences. I very much enjoyed our relationship, differences and all, largely because of his willingness to be direct, being open to differences in methods, and his subtle sense of humor. His departure has left a void that cannot be filled. Remember that he left modelers a legacy through the knowledge and experience he shared with them, and through that he will remain alive in spirit forever.


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Havent been on here in a while, very sad to read that PE has passed. Not to often you find a man with so much knowledge and so willing to share it.


Havent been on here in a while, very sad to read that PE has passed. Not to often you find a man with so much knowledge and so willing to share it.
So sad. Great guy. He helped me numerous times even though I was not a customer.
I really appreciated his direct, no BS, and COMPLETE, detailed answers.
I hope he is resting in Peace with the Big Guy upstairs!