OMP 35% Yak-55m


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Up for sale is a perfect OMP 35% Yak-55m, DA 100, 27X10 Mejzlik prop, Jr R1221X receiver, Emcotec DPSI MINI 5 programmer and regulator, Hitec Hs7955tg on aileron and elevator and Hitec Hs5995tg on the rudder, have a brand new cowl and canopy, 4'' spinner, 3 Fromco 7.4v 2600ma ion battery, can transfer setting to spektrum radio, never trashed or hard landing, IMAC ready, bind and fly, have over $2900.00 invested, asking $1500.00, price to move !!!!!, Thanks for looking, will ship. Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold SOLD !!!!!!


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