Oh Mithy Where are you


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Oh I know were you are. Thats right Mith is in Vegas he got married yesterday. Congrats Mith I hope all goes well. Give the wife a big kiss from me.



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You know what they say about things that go up quick? They come down even faster! Good luck Brother. Will we be able to meet the indo beauty queen at Riverside or is Mith done flying like me?

Rabbit Ron

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It's like in the movies the credits are rolling

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Special thanks to

Mike Stroup R.I.P 8/18/08


Team Futaba

Team Flying Circus

Composite ARF

Hacker Brushless

Duralite Batteries

Tower Hobby's

The Hi-desert boys

Nor-Cal guys


Rabbit Ron

Pink World

Barry Built

Filmed on location in Southern California



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WOW ron after 800+ post of your two word BS. That was incredible. Didnt think you could do anything but left rollers.



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HA HA HA... now I gotta go change my pants, I laughed so hard!



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WOW Ron its hard to read because I am crying I am laughing so hard. I think I am gonna crap my pants.

Well Congrats Mike Looks like Mike jr won out .
Hope you like noodles.


you guy's blew it......should'ved saved all this stuff for Mith bachelor party fly in (even if it will be after the fact.)

Seriously, CONGRATULATIONS Mike!!! Tink and I wish you both all the best! We are glad that you have found happiness in your life, you deserve it!!!


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First he looses his hair, and now his freedom gone.

GL Bro, I hope you stay as happy as you are now.


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Congratulations Mith! I wish you, your new Wife, and your kids all the best.

Now that we are done with the nice stuff, I want to see the pictures of the wedding. I heard you were dressed as Elvis, what did the new Wife wear?


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So I heard the newly weds are back
I was gonna call you first last nite after all the chaos settled... but ST called me and by the time we were done I was afraid it would be too late....
By the way.. YOU will need to get fitted for a TUX for Sept 27... yeah baby.... Ron the man in a TUX!!!!

Michael is gonna be my best man... but I will also need an additional groomsman... THAT IS YOU DAWG!!!

(Funny... that TFC has become this little network of communication!! he he he)